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  1. Buy Team Passes here - http://www.ael.tv/passes If you plan on competing, you will need to bring your copy of Ghosts, your headset, and your controller. If you need to any other questions answered contact them on their [email protected]
  2. $10k CoD Ghosts Tournament in Dallas, Texas. Limited to 32 teams and passes are selling out quick!
  3. Slayer Pro wasn't a ranked competitive playlist though, that's what I'm hoping for. I would love something similar to Black Ops 2's League Play
  4. With the addition of GH057ayame, 343 appears to be setting themselves up for success. By adding Eric, 343 appears to be setting up for a Day 1 Competitive Playlist, with Ranks. Obviously, we will not know more until closer to release but, 343 industries is taking steps in the right direction.
  5. What they are trying to do is going to ruin the community. AGL as the company needs to make decisions, don't leave it to twitter...
  6. I'm curious about how everyone feels about Ricochet being tested for the v5. Do you feel it will work or not? What map(s) should be used for this possible gametype?
  7. The Skorpian EVO is very good online, the AN-94 is also very good. The M8A1 is the best AR in the game. The MSMC is the best SMG. Most Pros who use AR's will use Stock with a Red Dot Sight and either Quickdraw or FMJ. For something like the Skorpian EVO, you want to use extended mag and laser sight or quickdraw. You can decide what you feel comfortable with on the MSMC, most people, however, use Quickdraw and Long Barrel. And if you want to get better, definitely play Moshpit Series League Play. It's 6v6 on only disc maps, and allows you to have all guns, all attachments and all scorestreaks. I hope this helps! Goodluck.
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