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  1. Add Controcity (Also add Quick Fiver because Contro got banned from communication for a week) I'm down.
  2. GT: Controcity (Add Quick Fiver too as I got banned from communication for a week or so) Consistently Mid->High onyx in Arena, HMU if you guys wanna run games.
  3. Just an Ammie trying to break out with a solid team, The GT's Controcity, I specialize in aggressive playstyles. I like to fly at the opposing team before they get to leave their spawns. New to this site. Also need some High onyx buddies to run with HMU on xbox if you ever wanna play.
  4. -Remove AR start -Make Pistol only start -Put AR on map (As apposed to SMG, on 10 second spawn) -Put SMG/Storm on a 40-60 second spawn time -Remove Hydra from truth -Replace Caster with Fuel on truth (AGAIN.....) My thoughts on Radar goes both ways, being as the movement capabilities in this game are insane and quick. -Put shotgun on a 40-60 second spawn time. -Put BR's back where they were.. These are a few things that I think would help amp up the competitiveness of this game. People arguing for BR starts or DMR starts (Fucking reach kid), don't understand the significant power rifles have in H5 (apparently). The Pistol is more than suitable for a starting precision weapon. BR's are too forgiving in Halo 5, if you still argue it to be a starting weapon you're a bit daft, I'm sorry.
  5. Controcity---GT Played in a few online cups for Halo 5, including the open qualifier with a random throw together team. You can reach me on Xbox, Twitter @Djentlerus, or FaceBook (Ask if needed) I've been grinding it out for a while now, I've got all the basic knowledge needed to be a breakthrough player with some skill to back it, just need a good well rounded team to get off the ground. Looking for chill, grindable, and team players. HMU if you're interested. (SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE)
  6. I've been playing halo for around 9 years. I have played competitively since Halo 3 on gamebattles. Ready to grind, progress, and grow as a team. I live in Michigan.
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