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  1. MLG Clap. You were so bad at forums. The traffic could be so high if you didn't try to make it a club instead of a place where people can talk halo. Sorry probably better in pm's
  2. I wouldn't think MLG would have an issue if 2Gre used Final Boss as a team name as they can make more money off the gear. If anything they would choose an org so they can get more benefits.
  3. I have been lurking for a while. Been around since 05 MLG. Why does it seem like there is so much hate on 2gre? People have been saying he is washed up since FB fell apart in H3. He came back with Vicx Ola ans Fis and they won the Nationals. He is just not a person I would bet against. These forums are great to read and get Halo info. I am glad I found this place.

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