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  1. kinda cool seeing goofy and ryanoob win an h3 event like a decade later
  2. man, I haven't watched Halo in a while but HWC is bringing me back. It's funny how these rosters look like teams just got thrown in a blender, but Tox just keeps on keeping on. I kinda like that tbh
  3. yeah I noticed that earlier, right before the OG-TL match he had 3.4k and the halo stream had 7.1, seemed kind of crazy. on the note of him not being here tho, is there anywhere i can read up on team changes? last time i paid attention was before summer league and i'm curious how some of the rosters got the way they did, esportswikis isn't up to date
  4. Two years into H5 and we're still using periscope to fill the gaps, its embarassing
  5. like I know the whole EU underdog narrative has been catnip to TOs for a decade now, but they shouldn't be pushing two top3 seeds facing off off stream :/
  6. :weback: ffs at this point they've literally had years to resolve these conflicts at every event
  7. just realized Ninja's vodcast while he's at twitchcon has half as many viewers as the halo stream thats kinda crazy
  8. why are all the interviews outside gotta get that good good highway audio
  9. yo, is esportswiki the most up-to-date archive for pro halo right now? is there something more recent? i haven't been paying much attention since before summer league and i'm trying to find somewhere to read up on team changes and when and what happened. just looking at the rosters moses posted there've been a ton of changes in the last 6 months (ie rayne's on LG, liquid has spartan, ninja's gone, etc etc)
  10. I don't think any other regions are nearly as invested in console shooters tbh nothing happened with this right? i'm just keeping fix mcc in the /r/halo spot for laughs but if theres a beyond logo somewhere i'll help
  11. that an O in his username, not an e, it says sko7ch. either you're posting it here as a joke or i think you got got lol edit: oh you added a disclaimer while I was replying
  12. damn, I never knew this. It's bugged me for years that that team was called Instinct, but I really didn't expect to finally find out the reason in 2017 haha seriously though why wouldn't you call that team final boss? even if you put the history aside, that's what they were also is Clap MLGAdam? I don't recognize the name but that's the sense I was getting, did I miss a name change?
  13. I would love a pro poll on sprint, even if I'm a bit worried about the results. I tried out 120% movement with sprint disabled last night and it mightve ruined regular h5 for me
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