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  1. What a disappointing fight. Let me premise by addressing that I have no personal biased toward either fighter. Evans looked afraid of Glover's power from the get-go and couldn't get any octagon control because I felt he mentally defeated himself with his approach. I was really hoping for a brawl at the very least. He got caught that early, in my opinion, because he let it happen. He needs to retire. You're completely right that he hasn't been the same after losing to Jones, though I can't really blame him... Go on Glover, I guess.
  2. So I don't have the energy right now to stay up another 30 minutes to watch the rest of this video but I gave the thread a read and watched the first few minutes of your video so far. Great work as far as I can tell. If you need any assistance in this process I would be more than willing to help. I'll be back after some zzz to watch the rest of the video and give any advice my perspective grants.
  3. You have a fair opinion and you're easy to listen to, good job. A couple suggestions that I would make are that I think in your next video like this your gameplay should be highlights of a few games instead of just a part of one gameplay. Also, I was able to notice a few of the voice edits. Keep it up!
  4. Agreed. They're always entertaining when they're relevant on Sunday.
  5. Showed some balls to rebound the way he did afterwards - although obviously it didn't turn into a win, I was impressed. Glad to see a fellow Philly sports fan! GO SIXERS!!! Haha...
  6. He's making it interesting!!!
  7. ViviSnaiL

    2016 Masters

    So I doubt there's much of a golf demographic on this site but... Has anybody been watching/watched? What are your thoughts on what's going on/has happened? I personally couldn't believe what I was watching when Jordan fell apart at the turn. Still a little bit of golf to be played as I write this so I suppose anything could still happen. Any fans out dere?!? Edit: Congrats Danny Willett! What an event!
  8. I have an editor workin' on a little something. I plan to eventually start editing (very simple as I always used to do) my own stuff again I just can't do much with iMovie. :uncledrew: LOL glad to see uncle Drew here gettin buckets
  9. So title pretty much sums it up, but I can smell the hate that's about to come through my computer screen if I don't address some things. I want all who clicked here to realize I joined this community a few days ago to attempt to be apart of the growth of the "Halo-video-making-scene", if you will. It was a scene I was apart of over 9 years ago under a different name, but as a lot of us know, free-time is not always at a premium in life. Luckily for me - right now it is. So I've been trying to take advantage of this time, and my passion for Halo by jumping back into that particular scene for as long as I can. I'm not making videos to attempt to make money, I'm not making videos to impress you. I'm just making videos. I will likely only upload what I consider to be "good" or "funny" game-plays because I look at my YouTube channel as a bank to deposit my gaming memories - who doesn't try to forget the bad ones? With that said, I made a new gamertag which matches the username I have for this site. It is indeed my second account - so of course, I am playing people way below my skill level. I don't say that to sound cocky or arrogant, I'm saying this to hopefully ward off some of the negativity competitive gamers bring when they feel somebody is trying to overly-distinguish themselves << yeah, I just made that term up. If anyone comments, I'll likely only respond to the positive ones - I'm really not trying to stir anything up. Before a wall of text becomes the reason you leave... [media=''] [/media] Best, Snail P.S - I do apologize for the "viewers" emblem in the bottom middle of the screen. Just trying to share my gameplay with as many people that care to see it...and as you can tell, that's only 1 person so far, LOL!
  10. Glad you took what I said in a positive light, as it was intended. A lot of people take that type of criticism the wrong way. ++Respect
  11. Turned off after 15 seconds, I couldn't take it. Your points might be valid, whatever, but I'd rather just read then listen through 17 minutes of that. Just being honest. Edit: I do respect the passion you have for Halo though, I will give you that.
  12. Tyrant caught me totally off-guard. What is going on with that map? Lol, can't decide if I'm a fan or not yet.

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