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  1. Gamertag: IOneStepTooFarI (Dreadful GT I know) MM and Customs Age: 23 EU/UK I've been competing for 10 years and running solo is proving too awful Postgrad at Durham University, so I like to think I'm fairly mature. Would love a team to run scrims or just some more people to run games. My college wifi doesn't allow party chat, but does allow Skype or game chat Cheers Will
  2. GT: IOneStepTooFarI EU Looking for customs and people to run with Cheers!
  3. I've been playing for 10 years, attended LAN events in the past and looking for a team for the Worlds qualifiers later this month. I know it's late but if you need one let me know. Also open to starting a team Will GT: IOneStepTooFarI
  4. My name's Will I'm from the UK I've been playing halo since 2002, competing since 2007 and attended LAN events Looking to get more into the community, so if you want to run games then send me a message Ideally looking for high level onyx players wanting to play arena or slayer I'm a massive HCS fan GT: IOneStepTooFarI (capital i) Cheers!
  5. F/A - EU, UK based I'm Will, I've been competing for over 10 years and have attended LAN events Keen to get back on a team with a regular schedule I've got high level in-game understanding and a pretty good shot. Can't stand immature players, so if your team is organised and don't moan all day then send me a message IOneStepTooFarI (capital i at the start and end of the gamertag)
  6. Hey guys, Add me for high level arena! Looking for a team, have competed since halo 3 and attended LAN events GT: IOneStepTooFarI (capital i) Will UK
  7. F/A GT: IOneStepTooFarI (letter i - I know it's a shit GT but hey ho) I'm a washed halo 3 tournament attender and would love to get back into it. Played a lot of Halo 5 and have been onyx a lot but just haven't found a team to settle on. I've watched hours of gameplay and follow the pro league closely so I've got good understanding of meta gameplay and could fit into a team well. I'm able to commit until late September when I start my postgrad degree, then I might not be on as much. Send me a message on XBL if interested
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