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  1. Quit playing casual playlists or just shut up about it
  2. I didn't know a single person that hated Halo 2
  3. Did 343 ever definitely state which version of Reach is coming to PC? Ie what settings. As long as there is a competitive list with competitive settings I'm ok with it.
  4. You don't get to do a teaser two E3's in a row. Poor marketing
  5. Everything about this post is funny, but you didn't intend it to be.
  6. So is the PC version going to be like the shitty Reach that launched? I thought I read a tweet that it would have no bloom
  7. Ironically, that employee was doing the very thing he cautioned against.
  8. Some say the source of Lethul's power is that he absorbed his twin in the womb, therefore he has all the Halo skill of Lethul2 at his fingertips when he needs it.
  9. nonsense? What he said is what the majority of us on here say. It's lame to watch someone win a tournament and not get hyped, and it's definitely a new thing for Halo. Go back and watch tournaments from Ce through H3.
  10. What aim assist? When I say PC, I mean mouse and keyboard.
  11. Wow, I didnt even know he streamed. Thanks for the link. Wish he had more influence on the 343 dev team though
  12. Summit's been vocal about wanting a good Halo game on PC for a long time.

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