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  1. Don't get too mad at Cratos for trying to protect one of his closest friend's rep. I would do the same and would want my friends to too lol I would say to stop the speculation and just wait for the story to come from Gary himself. Until then, you're wasting your time trying to piece together a situation you know nothing about and do more harm than good. Though not showing up for a tournament is a big deal, Gary is a good dude and we should be able to respect his privacy without flaming until we know what really happened, then flame if necessary lol
  2. 1. OG2 2. Pistola 3. Snipedown 4. Legit 5. Walshy Im a late h2/h3 kid , as you might be able to tell. These seem like the most difference-maker players to me, but all of this is so subjective, and it really comes down to these are just the players i enjoyed to watch the most lol.
  3. Considering it seems you value this kind of feedback, let me just say that in a shady and pretty lame community, you've been a stand-up guy and a total Pro since i've remembered playing against and watching you back in H3. Solid player and a solid dude. GJ and GL this weekend edit: forum foley back in full force tonight. reminiscent of 09 mlgpro open teams, seeds and predictions forums lol
  4. If any good teams need a last minute 4th hmu gt: Foleys World Also, i have been out of things for a little bit, but how did these AM teams like Kampy's get chosen? Was there / is there some kind of online bracket or tourney that they choose from?
  5. Clete never fails on being hilarious lol He posts that same fake hype basically every day haha As with the leaked brackets, in a World where we get most of our information from Twitter, ESL is not losing much by having it leaked. However, its their content and information and they should be able to release it at their choosing. With any league youre going to have to deal with leaks, it just sucks that it has to hurt the relationship between tourney admins and whoever the info was sent to.. Fun seeing some remnants of life back in the halo community

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