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  1. just popping in after a long hiatus to say that all cereal (and breakfast in general) is trash unless consumed after 10 PM.
  2. That trailer was devastating. I was so excited for what's coming in year 2........until now.
  3. I think it’s going to be similar to the HWC season, online cups for pro points.
  4. HWC Finals was the weekend of my wedding. Now the New Orleans open is the weekend of my wife's birthday. RIP me trying to go to my first Halo event in 2018. My saltiness on the dates aside, pretty stoked on the announcements so far. Halo & Gears together is awesome, shocked those prize pools got bumped up the way they did towards the end of year 3 of Halo 5, London is FINALLY an open. This year has made some serious positive progress for the structure of HCS to continue building on into Halo 6.
  5. That handbook would be based on any applicable laws pertaining to their events.
  6. You know it was good when it brings the betrayer out of hiding.
  7. I just got an email from PayPal that you guys cancelled my premium payments. I did a quick browse for a thread about changes but didn’t see anything. Is this an error?
  8. Totally agree. I’m just hoping we start getting more bits of the story for the entertainment.
  9. Hitch responded to a dude in that thread saying that Hecz had put safeguards in place to keep things operating as they were and then he got fucked over. Hope more of that story comes out.
  10. I’ve been wondering when the shoe would drop since we got word of the team being disgruntled when the Halo guys got dropped, but the accusation that the CoD team hasn’t been paid all year is pretty wild. If true that is definitely Infinite trying to push them out the door and end their support of console. If this all happens as this dude predicts, RIP Optic.
  11. Well, I missed basically all of day one, and I'll be missing the rest of the weekend too. Just caught up on the forums, venue is AMAZING. Watching the video of the entrance, with the Halo theme playing, sent chills down my spine. 343 & MLG crushed it. I didn't see any real complaints outside of the ghost melee, which at this point is just a part of the game as much as it sucks. I hope the event continues to run smoothly and you all enjoy the hell out of it. Just finished packing my bag, I'm out the door to go get married. I tried to push it back a week when I found out the dates for worlds, but apparently that's not something you can do. On that note, is it possible to download vods from Twitch? I figure it's a no go but worth a shot, seems like catching up on worlds would be the perfect in-flight entertainment. Enjoy the weekend boys, I'll see you all on the other side!
  12. This is awesome news. I know the previous two had limited space, but still really cool to see the Halo community showing up. Super jealous of everyone that’s going.
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