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  1. Filthy comeback from OpTic, they are just on another level
  2. Don't think he can, i'm sure last worlds OpTic cod team was considering playing in the LCQ but couldn't because of their contracts with Activison.
  3. Did huke get a god spawn or was he already alive and well positioned?
  4. While this downtime is still going on, i noticed Halo MCC for £12 today and was wondering if it was worth picking up? do people still play it online?
  5. I enjoy a bit of scarlett johansson as much as the next guy but come on man
  6. Hold up i thought that was the last series of the night, pleasant surprise to see another one is about to go down
  7. OT but here is a code for a warthog in forza horizon 3 for anyone that wants to put it to use! WH3Y9-7F69C-QXVW2-RT2Y4-JHGRZ
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