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  1. Just kicking it
  2. Bxa Gaming is currently looking for 1. If you are interested in trying out we will be holding open try outs saturday night and sunday. what we are looking for: -18 Plus ( possible exceptions) -mature but can have fun -confident and positive attitude -familiar with lan environments -bring something to the table (skill, knowledge, ect..) we are willing to work with anyone we are just looking for the best chemistry. hit up me up here or on twitter.com/bxa_pl3x
  3. BxA Gaming! Check twitter!
  4. Currently a to2 playing 2-4 hours every night. Looking t try out new teammates. Please don't waste our time we wont waste yours. Looking for level headed players who can work well together and progress for long time commitments. If you are interested please give me a message back or hit me up on twitter... https://twitter.com/LarryPadron1 or gt: Platypus Pl3x
  5. hey if your still looking for 1. xbl : Platypus pl3x
  6. Hey names Platypus Pl3x. About myself... Been playing halo competitively since Halo 2 online tournaments. I have competed in a couple local lans and three Mlg events for Halo 3. Since then I hung my controller up for those couple halo wanna be games. Anyways we back at it for halo 5. Been puttin in 50 hours a week, always trying to find a way of bettering my own skills and team play. In HCS season 1 my team had a lot of trouble of having everyone show up on time or even at all for the qualifiers. This really depreciated the team moral and we didn't place well. I am on usually from 7pm est to 1pm est ( if needed i would stay up and practice longer). I am an all around skilled player at halo 5 and will do what it takes to make sure my team can succeed. I can fit into any role and will work hard to make sure things work. After season 1 i took a break. And after yesterday playing by myself and placing plat 6 =(((( !!! which is not to good. I am looking to find a group of people to work hard and make dreams come true. What im looking for... -Prefer 18+ age (if younger no problem just looking for adult attitude) -knowledgeable about map layout, spawns, breaking set ups ect.. -Will be able to attend events, lans and all online tournaments. -Someone who doesn't go full tilt (being upset at yourself and forgetting about it next time you go into game is what makes the difference between playing with a good positive attitude and someone who doesn't have that -you enjoy the game! (not playing for wrong reasons) -Will work just as hard as me and won't make comments but will make actions happen! At the end of the day im not trying to waste your time and neither am I. Rank in this game is one thing but communication and team work is key. If you have the drive and will to make solid things happen let me know.. Also and orgz interested I will be streaming soon every night and getting my name out there. ( not for fame but for the reason i love halo and the community and want to put my all to reach the top levels) Thanks for your time. See you out there Gt- Platypus Pl3x twitter: Platypus Pl3x
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