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  1. I like SS and Elamite aswell, whoever is in control of spectator mode just needs more practice to use it in a more viewer friendly way.
  2. Can you merge/change my username to Andros ? I dont want to switch my premium to that account!
  3. Not a E6 fan, but still feel bad for how they're performing after @@Cratos 's statements earlier.
  4. Everyone who argued for double elimination give yourselves a pat on the back. And also to ESL for listening to the community, give yourselves a pat too. GG
  5. Optic and hopefully Liquid, as much a I want to see 2gre get in I currently don't see it more likely than the previois two stated. On the note of casters GB is this era of Halos' Puckett in my opinion. He will never cast like a past or present pro, I look at it like sports shows tv or radio wise. There more often than not is a retired player hosting accompanied by a book smart individual on the sports at hand. Two different perspectives give two different results. Don't slam on GB for being himself and not what you want him to be. FeelsBadMan
  6. In my mind, if it were 5 years earlier I wouldn't have any issue with him standing up and screaming during or after game often. I must be getting old
  7. Having a hard time figuring out if I like or hate @@Cratos
  8. Hoping for Optic, but if I was a betting man I'd go with EG.
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