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  1. What are most people playing it on m+kb? Or is it more 50/50?
  2. Poutine my dude, Canadian favorite. Fries cheese curds and gravy is the basic version, there are a ton of other kinds though depending where you go. Never been to Toronto so I don’t have a recommendation for where to get it but def try some. Also if you’re looking for some more Canadiana to try Caesars>>>>>>>>>bloody Mary’s if you’re going to be having some adult beverages
  3. Eh doesn’t look close to me, I see one 50-49 (which OG won) two 100-90(ish) and one 3-2 flag. The rest were either comfortable or dominant wins. Granted everyone is still probably shaking off the cobwebs, interested to see how this season plays out.
  4. Another day another Halo post on top of r/all. The waste of potential with the Halo ip is maddening
  5. I did, but with the holidays and everything the graphics card I had wanted is sold out and won’t be available for awhile. Edit: I should say the shipping company they use where I live sometimes lost it not Amazon
  6. Amazon lost my order with more then half of my parts for my PC so I guess Xbox it is for this
  7. The most fun I’ve had playing video games in long time. Can’t wait to try it on my new pc if the parts ever fucking show up.
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