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  1. I agree it is a little ridiculous. He is a great player and has great streams. The utter disdain is a little overboard in my opinion.
  2. But did you notice who died at the end? Yup, Our beloved, our one and only, the only person we all care about in this forum. CRATOS!!!!! Naded would have probably clutched that win.
  3. Maybe Lirik will throw Halo a host, but I agree, if Microsoft and 343 want the Halo scene to grow, they need more promotion of it.
  4. Quality in Action! By: Millennial Esports Management March 4, 2017 Earlier today a Losers Bracket Round 2 match between Splyce and Evil Geniuses was played. This match was intended to be a Best of 7, but only the first four games were competed. The series score was submitted as 3 - 1 in favor of Splyce. Upon validation of the results, the error was located and both teams were contacted immediately and returned to complete the match. The series was continued with Splyce leading 3-1, and has ended 4-1 in favorite of Splyce. This was a result of a communication error on the part of Millennial Esports. We apologize to Splyce and Evil Geniuses, and thank them for their sportsmanship and understanding. No other matches were impacted as a result of this error, and we’ll ensure the rest of the tournament is played out as planned.
  5. I love @goldenboy, "Oh Ryanoob gives him the bro fist" referring to a beat down lol
  6. Look CyReN, This is how you grow Halo into an Esports Giant!!!!!!! and.........JK.
  7. I would just say, do not try and explain it away lol. No reason they could not have that set up ahead of time.
  8. Why in the Hell would they go to a side station match when you can get top quality analysis of a 4-0 sweep
  9. Seems like every time they switch to Str8 Sick, he is crapping on people! he is playing well this series.
  10. Technology and internet stuff is hard though. I mean you have to hire a top level engineer to update the bracket after each win, and with the economy and stuff, they are hard to find Kappa
  11. The only thing with first cap wins is that a good starting push wins it with no chance to respond, and agree on the second point. IDK, what the right answer is overall.
  12. Agreed, they should just let the game go until there is a winner. Most replays I have seen always end with one team dominating the other vs. a close game.
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