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  1. I am sure I am late to this but I have never seen this jump thought it was pretty interesting! (Prius to Top Yellow) I am also a forum noob so hopefully this link works out fine https://t.co/QEkHNTg9ZV
  2. Maybe danoxide and 2gre team and pick up 2 young guns or two other players ... stranger things have happened
  3. I want to see a team of Spartan Ace Apg and victory run together, I have no idea what cam is doing but I think that could be a good team , especially with what's available
  4. Serious question Why does everyone think that MLG will be our great savior ??? I understand they are great and amazing and that's where halo was pushed competivley so long ago but I honestly feel we are living in nostalgia (no disrespect to MLG ) as they did amazing things for us back in the day , that being said they also dropped us at the dime of a hat when it became inconvenient for them and we weren't making them enough money. Fine I understand that's fair from a business perspective but they are just as big of blame as ESL and 343 for the state of competitive halo . I think it is a ridiculous concept for the white knight to come swooping in and save us . Of course I want more transparency in the scene but like others have mentioned we want instant gratification because many of us were raised that way , well to damn bad it's not the real world we don't get everything we want immediately we have to work for it and sometimes that work takes years and years to come MLG wasn't perfect back in the day it took them awhile , I think things will get better but we have to be patient... I do not agree that people should have to do xy and z to just to attend an event however cost of living is much higher than it was in the early 2000s and something that may have been ideal then may not be now , that being said patience everyone I am sure we will eventually have our Midwest and east coast LANs until then let's enjoy watching good halo at OC this weekend
  5. Guys at the end of the day we can't hate to much ESL was just protecting their families ...
  6. Maybe I'm a bit of a cynic but I personally believe that if you can show that anyone on E6 was involved with the incident with stellur that E6 should forfeit their pro league spot and the players/people involved should be banned for the season ... Again maybe I'm to harsh but if you want to set an example don't show that you will tolerate stuff like this
  7. I still wanna see a Spartan Ola Mikiwen Stellur team Or Spartan Ola Mikiwen El Town/Rayne team I think that team would have a high ceiling! Doubt it will happen tho
  8. My 2 cents on the ESPN article @@Spartan has every right to be pissed! Everyone is comparing it to bad journalism for already established athletes( not saying Spartan isn't he obviously is) the difference is that these other athletes are already on established teams and are being paid and would be a breach of contract if they spoke out and would likely be fined. Now I'm not saying that this may not be the case for Spartan idk his final team situation (remember he's technically still a F/A even though we likely know where he will end up ) and imagine if the team he was running with was looking at bringing an org other than liquid into halo, it's possible they look at this and second guess entering the scene. It just makes it bad for halo
  9. 1. Does crowd funding help pay for the venue the Lan is held at? If it does then shouldn't the prize pool be untouched allowing for the top 8 teams to be easily paid , if not then I think both pros and fans would be okay with a percentage going towards it the venue. This allows for the prize pool to go untouched and the remainder of money crowd funded could go into the pool allowing for payouts to the top 8 , meaning more halo for the fans... Idk just a thought 2. Is there a reason crowd funding is only for HWC and not the seasons ? Even if it's small percentage I feel it could greatly benefit the scene. 3. Why do orgs get a percentage of a teams winnings ? I generally do not understand this. The only exception to this is if you live in the team house or making a really good salary per month or base salary throughout the year other than that I don't understand why player a who competes should pay the organization they are "signed" to. Maybe that's the reason because it is such a high turnover rate of team switches. I understand that these orgs pay for travel and accessories if necessary but still they are getting free advertisement. Can anyone explain this to me because no other competition does this .... Sorry for super long post only ever posted like 3 times and want to be more active !
  10. I am trying so hard to keep up with this off season! But I swear I got so many questions everytime I feel like I get one answered I got 100 more Like whats going on with the Organizations WFX Denial Allegiance Where are all the F/A that aren't really running games at just taking a break or what! So many questions so little answers but thats the lovely part about halo and RosterMania!
  11. I do enjoy my lurk but series question ? If Leftovers w commonly does get back together (sorry Heinz ) do you guys truly think it would be successful I know the RNG split was supposedly mutual but I feel as if it low-key left a bad taste in the mouths of Victory and Ninja. Could this team still be successful if that's the case? Again all speculation and I could be way off
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