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  1. That graphic design position is more than likely a "contractor" job, which is not the worst, but you want to be a "FTE" (full time employee). 


    With contractors they can basically cut you at any point, which is never fun.



    Occasionally contracted workers can maneuver their way into becoming an FTE employee, but most of the time it seems like the hunger games.

    Being a contracted worker at MSFT is a gamble sometimes, but in the long run it's totally worth it, I love working here.

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  2. Hi everyone,


    quick intro, because most of you probably don't know me (and why would you :) ). My name is Timo and I am the Product Manager for Halo at ESL. Been working on HCS Season 1 and 2, much of what was going on with the World Championship, and more. So...hi!


    Without being able to go into details, I just wanted to briefly clarify that not only Top 4 from a season of HCS Pro League are going to be making money. We'll be able to give more insight in the near future. 





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