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  1. how could I NOT go premium after this? and I guess the optic drama is cool too.
  2. haha! you got me there. I wish I worked for 343, I'm just a chump who fixes A/V in conference rooms on campus. edit: K/D isn't everything right?
  3. Being a contracted worker at MSFT is a gamble sometimes, but in the long run it's totally worth it, I love working here.
  4. This song came on my discovery playlist on spotify last week, you just helped me figure out how the hell I knew it!
  5. me and my buddy are looking for a team hit me up GT: handxwritten
  6. I love this site, the community is strong! the dank memes and gifs keep me and my coworkers laughing all day. Keep it up guys!
  7. bumping this thread, I need local halo friends in Seattle, Help!
  8. Yo whats up team beyond forum, new to the site and looking for people in my area to play with, I'm in the Seattle area. hit me up here or send me a message on xbl. GT: handxwritten. Cheers guys!
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