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  1. what happened with infused where they kicked jimbo and lost to batchford but now jimbo is back? is that basically it?
  2. I feel like we're approaching a point where you have to decide to just put the injured horse halo franchise with it's broken carriage image strewn over the road out of it's misery.
  3. I've been out of the loop for awhile, do we know anything about if Ola was dropped? or he left on his own?
  4. hey I've missed out on the past week or two of drama, can someone tl;dr me?
  5. I will be disappointed in str8 if anything less than all 4 of the team members nutted after game 5
  6. idk I mean he said he would do that after leaving optic but nothing really came of it. I think he wants to have a big stream and youtube presence but he doesn't enjoy h5 that much so there's a limit to how much he can grind it.
  7. how does it work that OG have a higher ELO than nV? is it because nV has dropped series to other teams?
  8. wasn't truce squad UGC? so technically not a LAN... also what does swapping someone on nV accomplish? you just beat OG on LAN for the first time you build on that not start over
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