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  1. Just got caught up on all the action from yesterday. @@Clap Thank you for coming home! Minus the hiccup to start, the production has been on point! Player interviews, casters discussing ramifications of each map and series, host desk pushing storylines and providing some great commentary. Also shoutout to the crowd! Have absolutely LOVED having Clutch on the desk. Brings a much needed personality up there. @@Gaskin so glad you're here and casting, your use of HDH and relaying team win percentage and stats per map was awesome! Brings a story to that particular match right at the start. Gameplay has been top notch as well. All the teams we expected to win have won. MLG has done a great job with scheduling. We will have a lot of great elimination matches today instead of during early pool play on Friday. OS vs INF is going to be HYPE!
  2. Anyone have the clip of Ace destroying against OG on Coli? Got up to get a drink at precisely the wrong time.
  3. I'm in the same boat. I'm ecstatic we got MLG back, I think it is big for the long term viability of the HCS. However, I just struggle watching the game anymore unless it is an event and I definitely cant play it.
  4. The game is definitely less popular than previous titles. A sub tournament could help bring in people to the event, which these events drastically need. I don't expect it to happen, but I know I would make it to an event if I could play and watch a H3 tournament with the main H5 event as well.
  5. So do we have any sort of confirmation that @@StrongSide is in control of the settings now? Or is he just acting as the mouthpiece for the person/people who are?
  6. I'd love it if MLG could run a H3 bracket during the future H5 events with like a 5,000 prize pool. I'd be so happy.
  7. So did the @@Onset and @@Wonderboy scrim cast happen? I'd like to watch that!
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