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  1. The real problem is Halo is an extremely hard game to cast. They should just focus more on listen ins in my opinion.
  2. Denial has no chance against any of the teams here. FeelsBadMan
  3. The fact that the top 2 teams having overall losing records in all three game types shows that there is more to it than just volume of practice. I know the stats are skewed from scrimming CLG though.
  4. People have the preconceived notion that Halo 1 and 2 counts for more than subsequent releases. It makes no sense considering the level of competition sky rocketed from Halo 3 on. And like you said, it is crazy to punish players for being too young to compete during the first two titles.
  5. Ogre 1 was the most feared player during his peak, but he did it during a time with much less competition. His level of play wasn't the same at the end of his career although I think he had pretty damn big potential at Halo 3. Lethul has won 8 of the last 9 events in an era with more competition and higher incentive to win. Royal 2 has been one of the three best players at the last two titles (and in my personal opinion the best player in the last two titles) and won three events while only placing outside of top 2 one time in that span. Both players also (easily) won the biggest Halo competition of all time with a big bulls eye on their back. I have no problem with Walshy over Elamite. In my view Elamite was one of the most insane utility players of all time and had disgusting movement and strafing. I think that Elamite was always underrated and would have more event wins if he had the right team earlier. Imagine Elamite with the Ogres in Halo 2? Elamite also had two event wins during the most competitive season of Halo in my opinion (2010) when all teams had great LAN practice before every event. Walshy was struggling to make top 8 during this same time period and was a shell of his former self. I am a huge Final Boss fanboy and I think Halo 1 is the greatest Halo game by far. I just respect every title and the higher level of competition from late Halo 3 on ward. Just because I had OGRE 1 and Walshy lower on my list than some doesn't mean I don't respect the hell out of them.
  6. Roy has won events in H2A and H5 where as Pistola has fallen off and only placed top 2 once in those two titles. That was the tie breaker for me. Royal 2 has been the best player in the last two titles and is one of the best individual performers I have ever seen in Halo. I would have no problem with the two you mentioned over him though. I penalize Walshy for falling off heavily starting in Halo 3. He only had event wins in two titles I also never considered him the best player in the game or his own team at any point of time, which puts him farther down on my list. However, I have no issue with people putting Walshy higher on their list. He was insane in Halo 1 and 2 and is one of the best utility players of all time.
  7. As someone who has watched every Halo, my list is as follows. 1. OGRE 2 2. Roy 3. Pistola 4. Lethul 5. Lunchbox 6. Royal 2 7. Snipedown 8. OGRE 1 9. ElamiteWarrior 10. Walshy Five that JUST missed Snake Bite, Legit, Karma, Shockwave, Neighbor
  8. Pretty funny to see Cratos trashing a three time event winner (in the most competitive era in Halo history) and national champion that has been on a top team since Halo 2. The biggest accomplishment you will ever achieve in this game is getting 2nd in a single elimination tournament in which you didn't have to beat any of the three best teams at the LAN (CLG, EG, Denial). You proceeded to crap the bed in the finals and that spanking apparently didn't humble you at all. Keep flanking off every spawn on CTF and pulling flag like an idiot and see if that helps you not get dominated by CLG some more. You won't even win with Bubu on your team. :poop:
  9. Roy - Obviously the best player not on CLG in my opinion. Still the same dominant player that will go down as one of the three best in Halo history. Lunchbox - Great chemistry and history with Roy, an "entry" type aggressive player that can also slay when everything is clicking. I strongly disagree with rumors of his demise. Bubu - A versatile player who is aggressive, has good communication and amazing movement. Whenever I am watching another team play against him he is making the right plays and is a thorn in the side of his opponents. I was slightly surprised EG didn't go after him. Contra - The "main slayer" with the highest upside in the game in my opinion. The other three members of the team would allow Contra to play his game while getting punished less than he did on Denial. To take down CLG, you need players with the highest of individual skill, and Contra provides something nobody else can in that department. He would need to improve certain things about his game, but I would go for it.
  10. I'm sure Denial is about to get smacked by E6 so RNG fans can make fun of me right back.
  11. Not trying to argue man, I just think it was funny to see RNG get a bit salty.
  12. Good observation on Contra and 2gre being greedy but I think Heinz would help balance that out. I want to see them scrim tonight.
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