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  1. Hi, I've been recently getting back into playing Halo after taking a break from playing for about a few months. I used to play a lot, but stopped to focus on school and work. But with the recent announcement of Halo going back to MLG, I've been wanting to join a team and really compete. I'm not a stranger to playing competitively, as I've played in a few CoD online tournaments and went to a couple of LANs. So if you're looking to play, send my gt a message: l BLee l
  2. Hi, I'm looking for 3 or to join a team of 3. I have lots of experience in shooters, playing a ton of Halo back in the day and competing in CoD. If anyone would like to run games, send me a message. My gt is l BLee l
  3. Name: Brenden Lee Gamertag: l BLee l Games Played: Halo 1-4, no Reach Area in Louisiana: Lake Charles, moved to Lafayette for college Future Gaming Plans: I'm learning to develop video games, but I'd love to maybe compete in Halo if possible
  4. GT: l BLee l Diamond player looking to get to Onyx. I have a bad game here or there but I can definitely hold my own. I'm tired of playing with randoms, just lost 3 straight, and all of them were a 3v4
  5. ​I'm looking for a serious team to compete in Halo 5. I'm 22, from the southern US, and play pretty much every day until midnight or 1am, sometimes longer. If you're interested, message my gt: l BLee l
  6. I'm not new to Halo, but I never played it seriously until Halo 5 came out. I've competed in CoD, spectated a few LANs, so I know how to play with a team. I play mostly solo, so the highest I've gotten is platinum, but if you'd be willing to play with me, my gt is l BLee l​
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