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  1. To3 looking for one. Looking for someone who doesn't rage and can have fun. We are a serious team, but also understand a good mindset is a must. Must communicate well and understand when to push, rotate, etc... Looking to compete in online tourneys and all LANs. We try to play or watch film every night but life happens. My GT is Zigge. Hit me up on XBL for the fastest response.
  2. Looking for a team or players looking to form one. Haven't played in about 2-3 months due to work and lack of interest. Rejuvenated view on the game and new drive to compete and win. I know call outs and what to do and what not to do. Don't care about my stats just the win and I take criticism very well. All around player with a solid shot. I would like to compete online and at events but I'd like to put in some serious time as a group before we venture that way. Not sure if it matters anymore or not but I am an onyx level player(had to grind it from lower platinum and god was that a shit show) Very dedicated, very serious player. I'm 28, live on the east coast and can play every night till about 12 am. I'm off Sunday and Mondays so I usually play all day on and off. My GT is Zigge and I'll be on all day today
  3. Myself and Fitful loop are looking for another duo to team with and grind for the upcoming season as well as open lans and online events. Please be able to use discord. Msg llllziggyllll or fitful loop on Xbl
  4. Looking for others or a team to run with. I'm on most nights and all day on my days off which are Sunday and Monday. Solid all around player. My gt is llllziggyllll
  5. I'm looking for a long term team that wants to put in work and grow. I'm like high 1700 in arena if that means anything can play every night and weekends. I live in Maryland so that's EST My gamer tag is LLLLziggyLLLL I replay to msg asap
  6. Looking for team that needs one or a team that's building. Self grind in Arena and Slayer currently low 1600 in both. Very unselfish, will watch film. Very dedicated looking for right team. I have lan exp and can play everyday. Message me on XBL GT is Zigge
  7. Put the game down for about 2 months, new aim settings and such brought me back. Looking for a team to grind with. I have lan and event exp, was in IGL and regularly competed in go cups and other minor leagues and tourneys. Very unselfish player and willing to adapt to any team. I stuck in diamond now, but played at high onyx level before the time off. Lans and events are ok as long as we work out GT:Zigge
  8. I lurk here... A lot. Main question is, who the hell gave the ok on these assault game types?? The spawns are so broken.
  9. Hey, onyx level player outta Glen Burnie area. Always looking for local Maryland guys to run with. GT is Zigganomatry.
  10. I'm looking for a team that needs a fourth or other F/A's looking to start something. I'm onyx in slayer/arena(not that it matters). I know call outs, strats, when to push and when not to. Looking for a long term team to grind out and grow. I Play everyday from about 5pm-1230am est. My GT is Zigganomatry. I usually respond right away.
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