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  1. The best part about that clip was the gamertag "Bungie Failed".
  2. Yeah it was great. Nothing like waiting 2 hours for a game and to have it be a 5 on 3 with my teammate on the other team lmao
  3. I had one unopened until MCC was released. My friend and I popped it open and toasted to the golden era of Halo with it while we played MCC for the first time. Had to snap a picture of it:
  4. Is it just me or is the updated BR not even worth picking up anymore?? Were people complaining about the standard H5 BR?? Why does 343i change things after we spend 2 years getting used to them with no apparent issues?
  5. Roy will always be an icon. Thank you to him for giving us some great years of entertainment.
  6. Just holding out for the iPhone X. The iPhone 8 was clearly a bad decision lol I have a 7+ with iOS 11.
  7. Can someone please update me on the announcement tonight? I've only just heard about it. What do we know and where will it be announced? TIA.
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