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  1. Apex Legends on why they wont add advanced mobility/abilities:
  2. Apex Legends on why they wont add advanced mobility/abilities
  3. Dan hosted 2/3 from Australia, we played more from 200+ ping than he did.
  4. No, they thought their broken as shit game would at least be able to get parties together and match games. You couldn't even walk in a straight line in Halo 3. Like the most basic fundamental of any video game was broken on release. Halo 1 had a reticle that would push AWAY from people like pushing two magnets together. You couldn't even SHOOT people in Halo 1. They knew their game was fucked beyond belief, but they thought at least people could play the broken game together. They knew MCC didn't work long before release.
  5. Almost no one plays H1 customs because the host is so atrociously bad they aren't even worth it. Host has so little magnetism and aim assist its not fun to play with or against. The host code is wildly different than host code in matchmaking, so we've resorted to syncing games in matchmaking. If they remove the H1 2vs2 playlists, everyone I know will just stop playing. Host in customs is that bad.
  6. What a fucking joke. It's like they actually think most Halo 1 players are going to just start playing other Halos (we wont). Imagine making a port of a PC port thats so bad, 90% of lan players refuse to play it. Then imagine removing the playlist for low population instead of just fixing the issues causing low population. Does 343 know that customs for H1 are unplayable competitively because host has no magnetism and actual bullet lead while other players are damn near on hitscan? Removing H1 doubles would kill the only way to play Halo 1 on xbox right now. They can't even manage to remove players getting host on dedicated servers. You know when your shots hit one game then don't register the next? It's because you're off host one game then next game you get host although its on a dedicated server. Your xbox obviously isn't the actual host box but you retain the code meant to nerf the host box. Only 1 player in a matchmaking game has zoom sounds (exactly like a custom game host) and that player has damn near no magnetism or aim assist. If they just removed players getting host disadvantage even though they aren't host, the game would be 100x better and more consistent. But they won't even acknowledge it and are going to remove the playlist because its so fucked no one plays it.
  7. Wait...? No individual bugs like the bugs from www.halobugs.com have been addressed for Halo 1 yet...but 343 tried to fix unbroken shit like names by making them red...while ignoring the actual broken shit. Now we have broken red names floating around the screen that weren't broken in the first place?
  8. Notice how you can hear the shot registration hit markers from 4 years ago. Then notice how the next game they are gone. We are playing a different version of H1 everygame folks. People are playing different versions in the same fuckin lobby.
  9. So instead of fixing ONE individual bug from www.halobugs.com for Halo 1, 343 decided to make the glitch where you could get above the map on Damnation impossible (it's possible in the original from 15 years ago). You had to stand in a precise spot in the portal and jump when your teammate came through so it was insanely hard to do by accident. Once up there, you couldn't really do much. So 343 didn't fix ONE individual bug that they caused but fixed a glitch from 15 years ago. This fix completely fucked up every single portal on every map. People are getting stuck in portals unable to get out. If you move anything but straight, it will instantly put you back through the otherside. If you walk through a port they can pretty much suck you in now. 1 glitch from 15 years ago that very few people knew what to do got fixed and fucked up the game on every portal on every map. Not one individual bug from MCC got fixed yet.
  10. No. You don't get any extra fire rate by holding down the trigger. You only give yourself more bloom. The DMR in reach was an example where holding the trigger down COULD be more beneficial as it would increase the fire rate while getting more bloom.
  11. No one is saying they literally copied and pasted the entire 2014 build of MCC for this recent patch. Obviously there are connection changes. But H1 was reset to a 2014 build. It's kind of a meme at this point because they brought back like 10 game breaking bugs from 2014 and didn't improve shot registration. Its not a dumb statement, H1 players are literally playing a broken build from 2014. No one is talking about the entirety of MCC.
  12. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/h1-ace/video/59549388 Further evidence that H1 was untouched and the only thing done was reverting the build version to one from years ago. Anti aim is back and hasn't been in the game for 3 years.
  13. I just don't agree. Not saying your opinion is wrong, but from my point of view, spawn sounds are the exact opposite of what you said. Halo 1 was played on tube tvs with low quality audio, no headphones, and on split screen. MCC is played on high def monitors with HD sound and high quality headsets. Being able to hear 85% of Damnation spawns and being able to reduce possible spawns to 2 places if you couldn't hear them isn't how anyone remembers Halo 1. Being able to hear every spawn on chillout and instantly prenade every spawn on pris because you can hear the first spawner isn't how anyone remembers it either. I remember Halo 1 as a game that takes extremely high map knowledge and awareness. Not a game where you can instantly ignore 90% of the map because of sounds. MCC at a medium/high level has basically turned into who gets less spawns within hearing distance of the other team. Sounds simply break the maps and the gameplay. Once again, idk what the hell you were playing Halo 1 on, but I don't think you used to be able to eliminate 90% of the map off sound alone. Headphones on XBC dont have a place in this discussion either because that's not vanilla Halo anymore and those aren't casual players. Why casuals players matter one bit is beyond me. They aren't going to play MCC and notice spawn sounds or not. All the sounds do is completely break the game for actual Halo 1 players. If you are opposed to lead then I can understand that a little as NHE is vastly different than regular Halo. But the bullet magnetism needs to be reduced by a huge amount and the sniper needs some form of lead so its not the easiest sniper in any video game I've ever played. On host shooting and sniping is still way more difficult than what we have now. I'm still not opposed to making H1 MCC play exactly like the game that 95% of H1 players lan though (NHE). I really don't care about someone hopping on Halo 1 for the first time in 10 years. Competitive players that play the game daily/weekly/monthly is what the game should be designed around. At the end of the day, I will take every opportunity possible while 343 has shown SOME care about fixing MCC to get Halo 1 as close to how its being lanned right now. This is the absolute last chance we have to get a working, viable, and universal way to play Halo 1 online on the xbox. If somethinhg like spawn sounds that completely break the game at a competitive level is how people remember Halo 1 (it isn't), then that sucks for them.
  14. Stolen and missing for 3 hours until McDick found it stashed under a rock outside in the back. That was after searching everything else for 3 hours. No one really knows what to think of it except someone stole it and wanted to keep playing Halo while being able to come back and get the money later in a hidden spot.
  15. Right. Settings being rolled back to years ago and identical year old bugs reappearing, but this build isn't an old build.
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