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  1. This was replied within a minute. Give it up Nav. You're done here.
  2. Remember when @mynamesbeast almost 1v1'd @@Cratos for money because Cratos said autos were useless or whatever? Good times.
  3. I can DM you my PayPal if it's cool? Everyone is forgetting the threads @@CyReN has saved and posted multiple times whenever someone says that TB has no valuable feedback. When I'm on desktop I can find it for you.
  4. We're literally trash.
  5. Regret is literally one of the ugliest maps in H5. Every time I play it I want to quit out with how unoriginal it is and how the colors look. The beta version looked much better.
  6. Playing the map it looks perfectly fine, unless you look up lol.
  7. You were the last person I'd expect to get perma banned tbh. The mods abuse power way too much over there imo.
  8. Literally one of my favorite campaign missions. Bungie nailed Reach's campaign imo, all the missions were fun. I've been wanting something like this or SWBII's space battles in Halo for the longest time. Fuck WZ, I'm sure this would have been an even greater addition to halo multiplayer. It would probably be even easier than WZ to make, and reqs could be based off of skins for the ships (idk just spitballing).
  9. Honestly, Truth looks amazing. Maybe if the color changed to the regular purple instead of blue, but I don't mind how it looks.
  10. I voted for hit markers, but only because I prefer them for weapons. At times when you shoot at someone and you get no reg, not seeing a hit marker proves it. Just in general I prefer the visual cue. I couldn't care less about grenade hit markers, I'd rather have them gone.
  11. They probably won't be using HCS settings, especially if they didn't specify. EDIT: This is wrong, only 4v4 will be using the HCS settings, I can't link right now because I'm on mobile but it says on halo waypoint. FFA and Doubles are using the regular settings.
  12. Really OT, but for those of you who play on a monitor, is the difference between. 1ms input lag and 2ms input lag serious? I'm not really sure if it would be a noticeable difference to justify prices. Thanks.
  13. Everyone who was involved in the creation of Torque needs to come forward and apologize. Like damn, playing the map in FFA makes me want to quit every time, the lighting change is one of the dumbest things I've seen come from 343. It's like they're trying to blind you.
  14. Guys, just know that 343i might not implement an HCS playlist/different settings for H6. Josh Menke said that the numbers dropped fast and that they didn't get the numbers they thought would happen. It explains the bad match ups with the ranking system in that playlist.
  15. Not sure where to post this but what qualifies as a "heat"? I've never participated in one of these tournaments before and I'm just wondering what this means. Is it every 8 people on the registration, or every page?
  16. I think it might just be headcasing, but the same happens to me. All my shots connect (this is most observable in octagon for me), and then the final just zooms away, as if my finger jerked.
  17. Started today as a diamond 1 in HCS, deranked all the way down to the edge of Plat 5, almost to Plat 4. I shouldn't have played today. Quitters are everywhere, and even in diamond I was getting gold teammates. Shots weren't registering at times, the servers were somewhat buggy, today was terrible for me.
  18. Yeah ars are in and radar isn't changed. It's also Unranked, I went 25-6 first match.
  19. You can't. It takes the title of the gamemode and map.
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