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  1. If you watch the video tho, they talk about how they specifically went after areas where current games on xbox are being bottlenecked, and dedicated the hardware to fixing that. He mentions Forza in the video specifically, we can only hope that one of the games they focused on was the flagship title.
  2. Let me rephrase: I'm not saying: "Yay! this totally absolves 343!" Just asking if the Scorpio will fix it.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE2hNrq1Zxs With the release of the Scorpio specs (which I have to say, I'm surprised Microsoft. good shit), I had a thought about @@Mib2347 's well done research into heavy aim. It seemed to me that the bug/issue with heavy aim is the RAM/CPU/GPU being overloaded. If this was the case, would that mean that playing Halo 5 on Scorpio would resolve the issue? Either way, you should watch the video. Its kinda mind blowing to me that a game company made a long-term promise and then followed through with it.
  4. https://clips-media-assets.twitch.tv/24414229840-offset-16246.mp4 Frosty back in competition for best map movement
  5. Then I'm personally shocked at your seemingly postitive attitude towards CSGO, especially considering the more recent updates. But whatever, I didn't think this would turn into a debate on CS vs Halo. I'm done.
  6. I'd be interested to see how many people upvoting your posts and neg repping mine actually play CSGO, or your steam profile. Because the way you are talking about this makes me think you just feel neglected by 343 (agreed to some extent) and think no other communities have these issues, making 343 Satan, Lord of the Underworld and all Evil and Punishment
  7. Dont assume population size/viewership = quality of development/quality of game. [Edit: If that were the case, The Witcher 3 and Shadow of the Colossus would have the highest Twitch viewership] CSGO is on PC, has low graphical requirements (like, really low), and is $5. Halo 5 is a full price game on the lower selling of two consoles. I play CSGO all of the time, but that community has the exact same gripes that we do. Its not being treated any better. A frequent meme when Valve makes a "good" update every once in a while: "Is this what it feels like to be DOTA 2?"
  8. Also, seen in Twitch chat today: "Yeah but CS is a good game unlike Halo 5" This game has blatant hit registration issues, massive weapon imbalances, developers who try to work on bad maps but just seem to make them bad in a different way, and developers who seem to like selling new cosmetics rather than fixing any of the problems listed above. Did I just describe Halo 5 or CSGO? If you don't know what you're talking about, don't talk about it.
  9. https://clips-media-assets.twitch.tv/vod-118096707-offset-6290.mp4 So, you know, make sure to book your tickets right now to San Fransisco and book a hotel for late March through the whole month of April, and have a hybrid car so that you can drive anywhere here because screw anywhere else. #Intel
  10. Speaking as someone who played Halo CE at age 6 thru age 9 until Halo 2 came out in 2004, and is 21: it's entirely possible. I believe that some of them are lying for some unknown reason on an anonymous survey, but the age bracket of 18-23 means some of them were also 8 when CE came out. But they could have also played CE in any time between 2001 and 2004. Or bought both after 2004 and started with Halo CE. That doesn't make it a lie. Edit: also, accidental neg. Sorry :/
  11. GB in this instance meaning Goldenboy. Sorry, thought context was enough there. :/
  12. Thanks for the insight. I in no way meant that LatAm was not highly important. But that is an interesting idea on supporting the grassroot local competition. Also, yes, someone else has apparently watched Eleague and knows how great of a show rhey run (only beat in CSGO history imo by Epicenter). An Eleague Halo event would be fantastic. Also still waiting on the day Halo asks GB to come back. I miss ya.
  13. If I remember correctly CLG nearly never lost Breakout, and they still wanted it out. I could be, but I remember thinking [email protected]@LethuL CLG was winning series because they would win the Breakouts and then one of the other 3 games.
  14. You and I are saying the same thing, I guess I just didnt explain myself correctly. Don't put Asia directly into worlds, but don't LOCK THEM OUT either. Give some cash incentive to compete online to go to the combined Asia LAN, then have a combined Asia/ANZ LAN to see who from there gets to go. But locking them out entirely means they never are gonna play.
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