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  1. So THATS what the march was about?
  2. I fear of heavy framerate issues with this
  3. Kezug


    Yeah I probably wouldn't pay a 300% inflation in price for essentially the novelty of being able to call the object you put you ass on a "gaming" permutation
  4. Just voted to allow my state to blaze it!
  5. Black Lives Matter is based on a provable lie that unarmed black people are disproportionately shot by the cops and assumes that Americans don't care when an unarmed black person is shot by the cops. It actually does a disservice to innocent black people who die by the cops by lumping them in with victims who aren't victims at all. It is not justified to lump in Walter Scott who was shot in the back in SC with Micheal Brown a thug who attempted to murder a police officer, but this is what BLM and its supporters do every day. Throwing riots in various cities undermines any effort towards racial unity. 12 Officers injured, 7 hospitalized, along with injuring 3 reporters. Americans do mourn the death of innocence but we are not willing to condemn cops in situations which they use justified force. BLM and lefties assume the cops are ALWAYS wrong by lying about the stories and pushing anti police rhetoric which will have predictable consequences. Slander of the police is disgusting but it is so common in leftist politics today and prevents the country from coming together to protect both innocent people and the cops who defend them. The recent shooting in Tulsa looks to be a bad shoot. Even though he was disregarding police orders to stop moving it appears he was leaning over towards his car door when he was tasered by one cop and shot by another. The female cop who pulled the trigger was devastated after the shooting, which she should be. She will likely go to jail for a very long time. The left is trying to turn this into a racial issue and seeing Hillary use this to push her 'systematic racism against black people in America' story is horrible. Its not like they drove up on a guy, saw he was black and shot him. He was reported by a 911 caller to apparently to be on drugs and he wasn't listening to commands but that doesn't even really matter. Is this racism or a cop not knowing how to do her job? We will see if the female cop who shot him has a history of racism and went to work that day looking to shoot a black guy.. but I think not. The left insists that every individual in justice is a reflection of a deep rooted American racism and evil, and that in itself is evil. Statistically speaking, there have been multiple studies that show, and specifically a one from Harvard, that black people are significantly less likely to be shot by police than white people by police in the exact same circumstances. In fact, officers are 18.5 times more likely to be shot by a black male than an unarmed black male being shot by a police officer.
  6. Childish Genius the type of dude to watch Donald Glovers new show and think he now understands black culture
  7. personally I preferred the "sexorsist-era" of this thread
  8. thats were ya messed up as the competitive forum for halo i feel that even as much as asking the question is demoralizing because that means that we are legitimizing their settings assuming that there are people willing to vote FOR radar. thinking that a poll with a large majority of people voting against radar will change 343s view of "their halo" is futile.
  10. why is there a thread asking people if they want radar in competitive halo
  11. The first day of MCC launch will forever be the most innocent day of our lives right before realizing that the "day 1 launch server issues" were actually not a real thing.

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