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  1. Name: Dyllon GT: Defying My Fate Event History(Most Recent and down): FocusFire's H4 Lacrosse, WI Tournament: 5th out of 32 teams 2012 as Team Inverted MLG Providence 2011-Round 6 as Hello Kitty Commitee MLG Raleigh 2011-Round 5 as Big Birds Big Day MLG Anaheim 2011-Round 6 as Big Birds Big Day MLG Columbus 2011- Round 3 as Attrition I'm just looking to get back into the competitive scene and 'grease the gears' again. I just recently started playing matchmaking for the last few days by myself, I'll admit I'm a bit rusty since I stopped playing competitive halo back in January of this year, however i'm quick a learner and I can adapt to almost any team after a consistant amount of play. I might be interested in events in the near future, money is definitely not an issue, and i'm 100% dedicated. I'm just looking for a well rounded team that is dedicated and willing to work with a washed up player like me, I know I still have what it takes and I'm not gonna waste your time.

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