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  1. The latest pack is $6 for Pit and Vertigo which is a decent map. Majestic isn't bad either at $10 for 3 small-medium sized maps. I wish they'd just make them free though, it'd help the population out. Speaking of population, why is TTD so dead? 10 min search times are way too common and US hosts are almost as rare as the DLC maps. Could 343 make this playlist double XP or make some TTD daily/weekly challenges to get people to try it?
  2. Bump I'll be there if I can get off work.
  3. Looking for throwdown players. GT Over Controller
  4. Looking for throwdown players. I'm in South NJ, close to Philly. GT Over Controller
  5. I'm looking for more people that play throwdown. For the individual ranked playlists like swat, snipers or infinity slayer, it was easier to rank up going in solo. Bringing in a team of other good players is just making it harder for you to place 1st; a good example of why this system sucks. GT: Over Controller

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