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  1. I can't believe they just wouldn't make it 2 separate playlists. I literally cannot get a single game of halo 2.
  2. I quit every game that is Halo 3 in HC. I cannot believe it's in there. I hate 343i with every part of my being.
  3. MM seems to be completely broken right now. Can't get a game.
  4. In CE or every playlist? I'm finding games as quick or quicker than I have since the big update that sped it up for the majority of people. The only real issue I and I think the majority of people are having now is that going in alone in Hardcore is asking for being annihilated. The way it matches up individuals should be tweaked to avoid parties at all cost.
  5. Not stockholm syndrome. That would imply that they originally didn't like 343i, which we all know they were always on their nuts.
  6. I'd say 1 in 7 hardcore games completes without anyone quitting. It's fucking infuriating. Quitting has never, ever been close to as bad as it is now. Ranks cannot come soon enough.
  7. The idea that Halo 2 is not fun without glitches might be the case for you, but it is not for the vast majority of people who play the game. I LAN H2 in houston with old pros pretty regularly and we have a blast playing for 12 hours straight. Double shotting..pretty much never happens, even at the end of H2, it hardly ever happened. Close proximity combat, yeah, it definitely makes it more fun but the majority of H2 is just having excellent map awareness and positioning with a solid shot. It's a fun game in my and I would argue the vast majority of people's opinions, sorry if it's not for you but just because that's your opinion doesn't mean it's fact and there isn't a lot of evidence to back your argument up.
  8. I'm not normally a conspiracy theorist type...but I swear to fucking god there is a decent chance there are bots in MCC. Almost every time there is a spot or two left to be filled, it's filled with catchair0293 and they always play in the exact same idiotic way and haven't changed their ID. They're bots man...they have to be.
  9. so an update is supposed to come out by the end of may and then sometime in the next few weeks, ranks will finally be implemented in hardcore?
  10. That literally said fucking nothing of value at all. Jesus h Christ. When are ranks coming to hardcore??? That is all I fuckig care about.
  11. This new generation is going to have a rude awakening after they get out of their loan enduced worthless liberal arts degree college experience coma and find out that they don't get awards for just showing up like they did in their yuppie soccer league growing up. I taught my second college course this spring and college students do not give a baker's fuck now. The real world doesn't operate like 343i approaches gamers..so at least there's that.
  12. Any idea when ranks will be in other playlists?..cough hardcore cough
  13. I did as I thought that was the issue. Didn't fix it..really weird
  14. I'm confused, I thought 3 playlists were going to be ranked, I still just have the one..
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