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  1. Try pausing ad block for the Twitch stream to work on pc. Worked for me.
  2. Same! Irritating as hell that there's a boomco AR skin, but I can't get an all red magnum. C'mon 343.
  3. Eh idk. I don't think that liquid roster would ever win an event. They never took a series off OpTic. If they really want first, I think a change was necessary.
  4. wait, this was him replying to someone who had donated? I always thought he was responding to someone trolling him in his chat or something.
  5. We should have had the settings way earlier, no one is disputing that. But there's nothing wrong with being happy about the game getting better.
  6. I'm celebrating because I'm having fun with Halo again. Should these changes have happened earlier? Definitely. But it's better late than never.
  7. I feel like Str8 did a really great job of playing around Renegade, always putting him in a situation to shine. I'm curious to see if he'll play as well in a new system.
  8. Idk why but people started jumping on board with this https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/634mca/updated_halos_place_end_goal_idea/?sort=confidence looked better before. Whole thing is a mess atm.
  9. After seeing the cyan change I started making mcc a better shade of green. Couldn't see it very well before. Edit: looks like its back to the off green lmao
  10. I hate to complain about events, but holy shit what is happening with the audio? This is awful.
  11. I don't see how Dan's screeching was unprofessional or 'bad' for Halo. It was just annoying/unfunny.
  12. He doesn't want Towey on his team in doubles against Roybox. That's reason enough.
  13. Site. As soon as I pull it up it tells me I'm banned from using twitch. I've tried all the easy solutions and it's not helping at all, odd.
  14. I'm at my girlfriend's parent's house for the week and have somehow gotten banned from Twitch on her laptop. All I've done is watch two Halo scrims with chat closed. Feelsbadman
  15. I feel like most teams are weaker now than before #Rostermania. I hope there's another shuffle of players.
  16. C9 probably wouldn't stick around. I'd love to see tK. They're a great group of guys.
  17. While I agree that someone calling out is shitty, there is no proof it was the e6 owner. a fan? maybe. Someone who just dislikes Rated/Orbit? also kind of likely. I think if it was actually the owner of e6 calling out, MLG would have done something about it. Also did you see the tweets between General and Hitch? "gg e7. We play FaZe next." Mocking the placing E6 got, because E6 had beat OpTic 3-0 the previous day. None of what you linked presents the org as any worse than half the others in e-sports.
  18. https://clips.twitch.tv/suspectors/HappyEchidnaPeoplesChamp Sick triple kill to end Coli Slayer from Suspector
  19. After watching Ninja's montage, I figured I'd share the only one I've ever made. (H5 is the only Halo I've played since I was a kid) any feedback would be pretty sweet because I plan on putting another one together really soon. Unfortunately I'm average. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW6Nn1Xspcg (If this kind of thing is frowned upon, feel free to remove it. I wouldn't be offended, just testing the waters as I'm new around here.)
  20. Can't remember what video he said it in, but I remember him saying he had spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to get out of his contract. Almost positive he said something about a lawsuit.
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