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  1. As a Halo fan from the UK, I really hope NA teams will have the chance to compete in the UK (or Europe) at some point in the near future. I bet the tickets would sell out quick too. I don't really plan on attending any European Halo event to spectate in the near future (so long as NA teams are unable to compete), as the EU Halo scene is pretty immature. There are a handful of European pro players I like and respect, but not enough to get my hyped up to attend the event... If Splyce, Envy, Optic, and Liquid could attend, on the other hand...
  2. How can we help change the settings and map layouts for the upcoming season? I think I speak for almost all of us that nobody wants to watch another season of Halo 5 without optimized settings. I think it is going to take 1) pros and the community consistently testing proposed settings and providing detailed findings and 2) a Twitter campaign of sorts led by the pros and supported by the community (lets face it... Nobody on 343 will hear our complaints on Beyond) before 343 will begin listening to us. Otherwise we're going to end up watching another season of lackluster Halo packed with automatics, splinter grenades, sprint, and radar. After a year now, its becoming increasingly depressing each day reading and agreeing with same complaints.
  3. How can I find the teambeyond Twitch chat? Twitch username: Goatshaman (in case I need an inv)
  4. Missed most of day one as it was my girlfriend's birthday, but I'm watching through the past broadcasts now and holy shit what a brilliant Friday! Fingers crossed today and Sunday run just as smoothly. Rooting for Team Liquid to win (Raynguin > JD & Turk), although seeing Snakebite lift the trophy would be just as cool.
  5. Big thanks, OP. Tried out these tips yesterday and now I'm fraggin' like a pro.
  6. The COD Atlanta stream has brilliant content playing between breaks right now. Hopefully ESL show off something similar for Las Vegas.
  7. Some of my favourite memories of Halo in 2016: - Worlds. This was the event that got my back into Halo (I took a two-year gap from playing and watching competitive Halo because of my previous abusive addiction with Destiny). - Witnessing Frosty rise to some sort of Halo celestial entity. The kid is a freak. Seeing some of the plays he pulls off makes me question everything I know about Halo. - On that note... The return of Pistola. I could not be happier to see this man back at the top - where he no doubt belongs. He went from not making it to Worlds to becoming a top 5 (arguably top 3) player in Halo 5. - Seeing Infused place 2nd on Lan with Batchford shouting every time he got a kill. - Listening to the HCS podcast with Rayne and Penguin. I think I learned a lot about some of the deeper nuances of competitive Halo from that. - Team skins being introduced (a step in the right direction, for sure). - Watching the Halo casters, both NA and EU, improve almost every stream. Also when Che left...
  8. I agree with you (for the most part). However, I think there are quite a few Halo pros out there that have interesting personalities and could succeed in content creation if they wanted to (and actually put in the effort that is typically required). Pro's content I'd 100% watch if they uploaded: - Rayne - Snakebite (gets shit for being "on the fence about the most things" or "boring", but he always strikes me as smart, funny, and sincere) - Penguin - Commonly - Danoxide (beep bop boop) - Roy - Lethul
  9. I was about to buy Halo: Reach on the XBL store to replace H5 for a bit, but Microsoft want £20 for it. :holmes:
  10. The aiming/sensitivity issue in this game sucks. I am forced to change my sens almost every other game on days where the servers are particularly bad. Feelsbadman
  11. Re-watched the FABE vs Liquid and FABE vs STR8 series's for the fourth time now. I find it very difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes NA Halo players and teams so much better than their EU counterparts. The two factors that I feel separates the two the most is experience and drive. European Halo players seem far less determined to become the best. I can understand why (to an extent anyway), because there is less prize money, fewer events, and less viewership over this side of the pond, but it still confuses me massively as to why NA Halo is so far ahead. The only European players that I think could make a NA pro team would be: Respectful, Jimbo, and Kimbo (and Kimbo is potentially moving to Call of Duty after the EU finals anyway). Maybe it could also be due to the fact that Americans have a larger player pool, which in turn would naturally lead to a more competitive scene... Anyone got any thoughts on this?
  12. I think its hilarious you kids talking shit about 343 and Tashi. You wouldn't say this shit to him at lan, he's jacked. Not only that, but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restauraunts and hangs out with the hottest dudes. Ya'll are pathetic lol Edit: Geez, this is one controversial copypasta.
  13. Really hope Optic attend... How is the scene ever going to grow at this rate?
  14. Next time, I'm not gonna fall for it. Unfortunately, like pretty much everybody else in this thread, I bought the Master Chief Collection at release and was bitterly disappointed within hours. I have since learned my lesson, never pre-order any game. I waited a good five months to buy Halo 5 and I will probably wait at least a fortnight before picking up Halo 6 (which I too believe will come with H3A). It is a massive shame that the gaming media did not interrogate 343 enough for shipping MCC in such a shitty state.
  15. Just watched the rebroadcast and HOLY shit Eco seems unstoppable right now. His performance in Empire Strongholds was incredible, he was constantly aware of when to push on his own and when to wait for his team. I can't wait to see this new Str8 team on LAN. Such a good note to end the season on! On another note, E6 is gonna come for Jess now.
  16. I genuinely think FAB have a decent chance of placing top 4. I could see them giving a lot of solid teams a run for their money, particularly: ALG, EG, Str8 Rippin, E6, and maybe even Liquid (if they're having an off-day). Either way, Vegas just got even more interesting! Can't wait to watch it.
  17. I wish H5 had a permanent social VIP playlist.
  18. Pro tip: check out Penguin on twitch.tv. Favourite Halo streamer by far (he is a funny dude). I never really get to watch him when he's live (as I live in England), but I check out his channel almost every morning to watch a past-broadcast. Support America's sweetheart. Trivia: Penguin is a member of a choir and sings beautifully. https://www.twitch.tv/pznguin/v/99978058
  19. Here I am thinking that this poll could potentially be the springboard we needed for a bunch of great change.
  20. Yup, me too. I was also hoping Hitch has was gonna close out this week's Vision with Lethul's final interview from OC, i.e. ~ "GGs, feels good to beat the God-squad even if it just a LAN. #GREENWALL, Brisk Mate, out..." Ah welp.
  21. Same thing happens to me now when trying to play any game that is capped at 30fps. It takes a couple hours playing time before I'm used to it again.
  22. With all this talk about the pros banding together to push for some changes in Arena settings, I wonder whether we'll see a 4v4 event with no radar and no/nerfed autos by the end of this year. One can pray... :holmes:
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