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  1. Call us toxic and vitriolic and let us know that we should be more constructive and less cynical so we can avoid hurting 343's fee-fee's.
  2. I just moved into my new house so I've been busy so let me catch up here. I haven't played h5 since I rage uninstalled it 3-4 months ago. Observer mode will be nice but the aim will still be wrong. Sketch is cool. This new CU will inevitably be a mixed bag.
  3. If I ever found myself in front of a stage that dan ayoub happened to be standing on, I would absolutely start an 'mcc' chant
  4. And with a fizzle-crack, w0uld disappeared into that dark night. So long, space cowboy.
  5. I hope they do a halo reality tv show for the sole reason that it will give the meme lords so much good material to work with. The possibilities will be endless. I'm also sure it will be a disaster so the entertainment value will be off the C H A R T S.
  6. Back in my day, egirls were just dudes with no mic and a girly gamer tag.
  7. People acting like 343 is gonna listen to anyone here and Fire an employee just bc we said they should... What in our long and storied time together has lead you to believe that 343 would listen to us on anything? Let alone an employees status. Also stop using the word witch-hunt. Saying someone sucks at their job and should be replaced is not a witch hunt. It's an opinion. Like damn. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.jpeg
  8. You're all's calling for firing people forced me to vote for radar #lockitup
  9. "Disregard the positive and constructive feedback, latch onto one or two negative people's comments and act indignant." Excerpt: pg4 - 343 public discourse handbook.
  10. Your suggestions are noted but they don't fit with our (my) vision of what halo is becoming (ded) -Quinn probably
  11. I was gonna turn on the tournament in the living room for a little while tonight while I did some work but luckily unyshek gave me a reason not to. Now I can watch the tespa overwatch tournament
  12. I don't even watch anymore I just love event days bc it makes this thread so much fun
  13. 343 is consistent about changing only the things that bungie (or mlg) did first. If it was something they were involved in they might feel that they don't need to change it. So maybe since they took reach over at the end they'll feel okay leaving it alone. I didn't play reach at all so idk.
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