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  1. I just don't think they're consistent enough to be considered #2
  2. Ogre2 casting just makes my panties wet (not that I wear panties). I do think this casting trio has been doing extremely well. I think Goldenboy has been doing a fantastic job and walshy and 2gre add the touch of somethinsomethin that spices it up just right.
  3. I've seen talk of the observer mode. Is that basically going to be a mode where you can join the lobby as a spectator? It makes sense with the mode they have now so people can't snipe and cheat, but with how important coaches are, having them in scrims to spectate would be ideal.
  4. I'm playing Destiny on PS4 and have no friends that play it. Well... they all quit. I'm 308 light and a hunter at the moment. Looking for people to play with every once and a while. I'm hoping to do the challenge of elders, and I still need to do the raid on hard mode or more times on normal to get more gear. The game is definitely more fun when playing with others
  5. What if I'm a 1600 onyx PRO? I'm an average professional at an average level of average.
  6. I believe last time I was watching an EG stream suspector said he was on vacation until the 29th.
  7. We should get an "unpopular" graphic added just for the SouleSports account's posts since he's reeling in that negative rep. Mmmmmmmmm also escorts
  8. I'm just a low-tier solo queue Onyx player, but from my viewpoint Assault (the gametype :p) is difficult because of a few things. You have to go sit your ass in the enemy base to arm the ball, so it takes a lot of team work to slay, work up, slay, then sit and arm while you trust your team to slay again on respawn. Unlike CTF where you can slay a couple, grab the flag and dart yourself back towards your own team, it's a little more difficult to get the objective down. I feel like in comp we'd either see assault games that go 1-0, or games that end quickly because of superior slaying power. I need friends to play with
  9. I'm just going to start my own org. Won't be shady at all. All players will be under contract and have the privilege to carry me in MM. I'll give everyone a t-shirt that I'll personally draw a sick design on with a sharpie and sign it. On the real, it seems like there are way too many orgs popping up, getting a team for a month or so, and then disappearing. I see orgs left and right on twitter. There's good and bad that come with it, but I think too many people are trying to start "orgs" and failing.
  10. @@mediabrute Sorry to hear about that situation. Glad you have good things to say about the players though. It's crazy hearing about all of the shady stuff going on in eSports lately. tisk tisk
  11. I think on LAN it's going to be a bloody firefight between E6 and EG. I feel they are very close in competition.
  12. I believe one of the pro players has that GT. Maybe Frosty? I could have sworn I saw someone playing on an Aces Ankles account on stream.
  13. I just miss seeing the Final Boss logo in halo. That logo always got me peppered for some matches. Logos now kinda suck.
  14. I'm pretty sure the CWL matches are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.
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