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  1. I would agree with you, but shotzy is hampered by his age, he will not be able to start competing right away as a result which may hurt his chances at getting onto a more recognizable and accomplished cod team.
  2. Well halo 5 is finally dead. I am kind of amazed to see so many people still posting, i mean i gave up after the second world championship, and that was more than a year and a half ago. Halo 5 is dead and thats understandable, the game has had an abysmal audience since it's second year. Why would any company invest more into it at this point. The largest most influential e-sport personality of the year has left the scene and openly bashes the game and the developer. The player count is awful, the sponsorships have to have dried up, Larger org's abandoning the scene left and right and the hype surrounding the scene has been dead for a loooooooong time. But now, we have more pro's trying their hand at cod, of which the most likely to succeed is frosty as he has teamed with top amateurs, and people who have enjoyed success previously. Combine that with the fact that the talent pool in cod has condensed with the 5v5 format, and he has a real shot of making the pro league, as now there are maybe 10 super teams, and the rest is average at best, so we could easily see frosty make the league. if he and the splyce members see any kind of success, that is another blow to halo as why would they leave, contracts are insane in cod with some players earning more than 100k a year (salary alone). I think too much damage has been done, halo is no longer marketable, i do not know how anyone can remain optimistic at this point, honestly the halo scene is in the worst spot it has ever been in, it has less value now than it did during the agl days, as we have nothing going for us. Gears of War is more marketable at this point than halo, honestly this break may be the best thing for halo, save your resources and try and come back stronger, personally i have zero faith that 343 will be able to turn this around.
  3. I don't think you can have good settings with spartan abilities enabled. You can only get as far as not horrible. Regardless of whether or not the settings are decent this time around or not it is bad idea to let the developer have complete control over the settings, as they by their very nature will have invested interests in ensuring some weapons, modes or maps make it through the selection process, competitive viability be dammed as they have an invested interest in those as they created them. It should be left to an independent non biased third party TO, to make the most competitive viable settings.
  4. So i heard the news. Don't get me wrong, this is terrific news. MLG coming back to the scene is fantastic. However, the impact they can make to this game, at this point in it's life is minimal. This is made worse by the fact 343 still controls the settings, I mean come on guys let the experts handle this, they look after all the settings for COD, let them do the same here. So we have a great TO but an average game, and shit settings. Don't get me wrong this is a giant leap in the right direction, but I just can't get that excited as MLG hasn't been give full licensee over the settings and as we have seen with 343, they cannot be trusted with such things. In essence what really is changing ? We are one third of the way to being in dream land. Great game - no Great settings - no Great TO - yes All we have now is a better platform, nothing else changes
  5. Am I the only one who appreciates how random this thread gets, Like at least we have a laugh, If this was strictly halo, i'd be near suicidal (or worse whatever mental state @@shitlin is in)at this point.
  6. Fully aware of that, but he is only eligible on something like the 20th July. (a week before the cut off) Himself Tj Haly, and Huke will all be eligible next year.
  7. We have lost Huke: https://clips.twitch.tv/AltruisticTenuousEggnogCoolCat Not surprised, what fucking reason does he have to stay. Just for context: That is temp, a very close friend of Huke's. Those two have been ineligible to play comp cod, for the past 2 years, but they are both eligible next year.
  8. Never played the original, haven't the faintest clue what it is about, was the original big?
  9. I forgot about this one, this will be huge (if done and managed well) I really like the concept also, think it will be a big success, is their competitive scene in that or is that h1z1?
  10. Beyond existed throughout halo 4, We always find a way But since we can all acknowledge that their is f all to discuss HCS wise, lets talk about some off topic shit, I will get the ball rolling: What do we think will be biggest hits next year: (cause we all know halo won't be doing anything) WW2 Destiny 2 or the wildcard anthem My money is on ww2 to dominate the market next year. But what do you guys think?
  11. FFS @@Shekkles, some of us were enjoying that spat. What ever happened to the first amendment.
  12. You never answered @@LethuL's question last night: What were your best placings during halo 3 at mlg lan events?
  13. Careful now, it is passive aggressive remarks like this that could start the "beyond is so toxic" conversation again
  14. You misinterpreted, my post, I was not the one arguing that it has tight social rankings. I like you, was arguing the opposite
  15. Not saying getting rid of ALL social playlists, they are essential - get rid of DUPLICATED playlists is all I am saying, where the only fucking difference is a rank, it just fragments the player base for no reason. It serves no purpose. STOP using halo 3 as a comparison - halo 3 had a population capable of doing it - we do not have that anymore and have not for what 6 years now?
  16. thats one game mode within arcade you and I both know there is more than that. Edit: Do you seriously not see the similarities between 2 and 3
  17. and that affects practice? If the end goal is just to get good with a character mechanically what difference does it make. We have gotten off tiopic, All i am arguing is including a replicated playlist which accomplishes nothing but fragmenting the community is a bad idea
  18. They offer that exact same experience in arcade What is the point of quickplay?
  19. Halo 5's social has tightly matched skill ranking - what game are you playing ? Not even ranked has a tightly woven skill ranking The point I was trying to make - and included it in the edit is - social playlists are redundant - the game play is dictated by how you play it - if you want to take it seriously great - if you want to piss pot around great go play with other like minded players but that can all be accomplished in one playlist by a mmr ranking system. Otherwise you just get to a situation like overwatch has where there are tow IDENTICAL MODES but one which is fucking pointless and the other where the game is played as designed. Developers should not have to split the communities up by replicating playlists but have one for social and one for ranked - just create one and let people decide which experience they want.
  20. halo 3 had a population able to sustain 2 playlists, and I still would argue that the over did the ranked playlist in that game.
  21. This is complete horseshit. Has anyone here played overwatch. The social playlist "quickplay" is the biggest cluster **** i have ever encountered. It is completely redundant, and just a place where people practice hereo's or where they go when they are banned. I have yet to find someone who enjoys overwatch and thinks quickplay is fun, because they know the game plays completely different there as it does in comp but has the EXACT SAME SETTINGS. People saying they need a playlist to "relax in" I would all but gaurantee you are those tryhards who just play in groups because they don't want to loose their precious rank, and then will sit here on this forum and complain about the wait times when the games population is abysmal and has duplicates of virtually every fucking available playlist. Edit: The games experience is dictated by how you play it, if you want to be ranked highly take it seriously, if you don't load up a custom game or derank, your choice though, the game developers should not accommodate you on this, especially when the game's population is as low as halo 5's is.
  22. Ok so sprint will still be in the game, But the other abilities could still be removed (I believe all of them are toggleable right now)

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