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  1. You again! Do you think 343 have forgotten people's mixed attitude towards sprint, do you not think that messager has been relayed a thousand times by now. Do they suffer alzheimer's? We have former fucking pro's who know exactly how we feel, working for 343 and the game still has sprint. We have had a 400 person survey be disregarded due to Selection bias Beyond have held a no sprint tournament Ninja has held a stream where he didn't sprint at all, and advocated against it, We have had personalities speak out against sprint in several YouTube video's What the fuck more do you want, 343 knows our thoughts They just don't care We are not important, we are not the masses, we are not their target audience, we are the 10%. We do not matter to them, hence why you see no 343 employee check in here.
  2. So where does halo 5 rank, Personally I don't think there s any discernible diffference between that and say an eden, Eden salyer is in my opinion the worst gametype in halo 5, (statis doesn't count)
  3. Shitty map by what standard? By h4's standard, it was a god tier map.
  4. Do you live in England? If so why not drive down on the weekend?
  5. It is england, everywhere is just a couple of hours away, everyone should be fine. It is not like the US, where it could be a couple of days worth of driving, you can drive from, the tip of wales to Scotland in a couple of hours. if you wanted to. There was no real urgency in the announcement, as everywhere in england and in particularly in London is easily accessible, and if anyone is willing to argue against that, they are delusional. Edit: they still should have announced it sooner but this shouldn't be a huge deal.
  6. does anyone know when the na cup starts, i have no interest in watching the eu teams
  7. What a sad state of affairs: An entire thread has now been solely focused on the geographic location of tournaments for more than a week. Does anyone remember the days when we discussed the competitive scence. Seems like a distant memory. This used to be something that we took for granted and now it is the main focus. How far have we fallen
  8. This is fake news. Let me propose some alternative facts: Nobody can actually track scrim results correctly, but EG definitely beat OG 13 - 0. This is a fact. It was the greatest victory in halo history.
  9. So, how many more years do we have to endure before 343/esl get their shit together?
  10. Hate to be the one to break this to you, But the die hard halo fans have nearly all but fucked off, there is a reason halo sells so well, it is because it has a very large and established audience. They cling to the misguided hope that the franchise will one day return to its former glory. But after an hour or 2 of playing halo 5 they would have realized this game whilst an improvement on halo 4 is still not what they want halo to be. So would have more than likely stopped. The ride or die halo audience you have refereed to have faced years and years of disappointment. None more so than the halo mcc fiasco, there were notable increase in sales of xbox's upon that games release, that is the audience you are referring to and guess what they were left feeling betrayed so have left. Do you honestly think there are many halo 1 - 3 fanboys playing halo 5 excessively? there a couple i'd imagine but in no way do they make up the majority. (Most on this forum - who are essentially the audience you are referring too don't play the game anymore) In essence the people playig the game are (a) those who actually enjoy the game (has to be the majority) (b) those too broke to afford purchasing a different title © the pro's / am's (d) the dev's whenever they actually play it (e) summit when is feeling feeling generous (f) those who will just play anything with the name halo on it (out of some misguided loyalthy) - i cant believe that this group makes the majority
  11. "What the fuck is this" huke "This is making me sick" mikwen "This is embarrassing" mikwen "I don't wanna watch this anymore" snipedown "what is this 20 frames per second" ola "if i watch porn in hd, I should be able to watch this" ola Nv thoughts on the halo stream
  12. str8 sick may not look it stats wise but dam he is getting averaged alot this series. how predictable is he. dude gets shit on like 3 times a game.
  13. Fixed that for you Some of you have to have the capability to stream more regularly than you do
  14. That also might be the fastest way to ensure he never collaborates with you
  15. Can you guys tell me whether or not if overwatch is worh the purchase, is it as good as the critics make out? Or is it it just a flash in pan.
  16. There's a top 5 then there is EG - just solid dependable players - nothing amazing Then we have everyone else - there may be a top 5 rival buried among those somewhere but i just don't see it
  17. I still think alg would be trading down, I think they should be looking at: Predevonator - after a poor preformance on lan with EG - he may be tempted away and there is no doubt this guy is a top slayer. Ninja - not going to really say anything here, I just feel he offers more than trippey Naded - think he could be a good fit here as long as himself and spartan could put their issues aside (unlikely) There really isn't manyy options that would definitively improve this team and make them a serious contender.
  18. You owe us a quality meme as penance for the shit storm you caused.
  19. Serious question: I have gotten terribly bored of Halo 5 (shocker I know) Is overwatch all its cracked up to be? What is so good about it? Is it balanced? Is their ranks? Is their solo que? I ask you guys as well to be honest i think you guys you will give me the honest and critical opinions.
  20. I am genuinely curious whether or not I made the aids list, All i said was: - The production was pathetic - it was - The production team ought to be embarrassed/ashamed - they should - and the main culprits ought to be fired - again they should - they made a complete mess of this tournament. (I went quite in depth throughout several posts as to why I considered the production pathetic which then feed into the next two) @@PROVERB any chance you could clarify for me

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