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  1. MLG won't agree to that They want people to use their platform. I thought that was blatantly obvious best case is they do what they did this weekend whereby the twitch stream was an hour behind
  2. Theres a much longer list than that my friend lol the difference between developer support is enormous, but so is the scale of the companies. Edit: Honestly there a lot of similarities between the cod and halo communities right now, apart from the obvious scale difference.
  3. The game is better because they have SEVERELY changed it, which 343's concept of an out of the box game really doesn't allow. The game at a competitive level is completely different to pubs. (not arguing for or against just pointing out) Obviously I would prefer Infinity wards approach, but lets not pretend that IW is a good game, it is an abomination that has been made competitive, due to severe plastic surgery, a bit like halo 4.
  4. Can you please Elaborate here? , because virtually everyone in the cod scene agrees on the fact that IW is a flaming hot pile of shit.
  5. Watch the whole thing. Also look up the viewership figures during call of duty advanced warfare. When call of duty was exclusively on mlg.tv.
  6. Ok BUT OLA GRINDED to catch up And he caught up quick How long have roybox being behind? Is the gap closing? IMO it is only getting larger
  7. Granted What I took from that is that the twins and towey are behind. As they are the core of that team, they have been their since the beginning.
  8. Care to comment on what would have happened if Roy and Lunch didn't stay on EG? Would EG have left the scene?
  9. But this is the largest tournament of the year Not disagreeing with you, it is hypocritical to an extent but this is apples and oranges,
  10. I am not trying to agrue with you, I agree with you I gave that long winded explanation mainly for @@GunRanger Edit: Apologies if that was unclear.
  11. I think he stated that as well, cant remember it has been approximately a month - a month and a half But my point therefore remains that all of this was in the works and played into towey's decision to hold roy and lunch to their contracts. That kept towey in his home. That kept towey involved in halo. That kept EG in halo. Which is why the video was three parts long, am I the only one who saw this. Why else would it have caused him this much turmoil. EG would have pulled out if roy and lunch left. Look back at the video's. He repeatedly says what benefits me directly contradicts what benefits them.
  12. Towey is the name on the lease for z team house. (he says that in his video) Are EG going to force an employee (manager) out of his home?
  13. Fun Fact: In those video's towey repeatedly said that if the twins left, then he would solely be working with the call of duty team. Meaning that EG were already considering not working in halo anymore. Either that or just couldn't find a team, but there were teams without an org at that point. I would say the only reason they are is still in the scene is because of Towey.
  14. Maybe it is because they are aware of the opportunity that is in front of them and realizes that there current performances will not see them go far. Maybe they felt much more comfortable with regards worlds last year. They didn't really have a huge incentive in the pro league as only the top 4 mattered. fact is they recognize they need to grind now and the twins are holding them back.
  15. I was aware but was just confused why you refereed to a situation where by Towey a known entity had complete control as EG's decision. It was Towey's decision. Which may explain the animosity between lunch and towey in the clips.
  16. You can't neccssarily carry, But the impact of one player can definitly be seen i.e huke leaving e6 and then they finish 7th when they finished 2nd the previous season.
  17. I personally believe they are being carried. Ninja and Stellur Got them out of trouble in season 2. Snipedown: Carried hard in season 1 .
  18. Frustration at how often these two are defended just because they were successful or have been in halo for as long as they have
  19. Honestly feel bad for contra to be stuck playing with two pro's just trying to cash it in. But he picked this duo which have being steadily falling down a cliff for the past year, and are now thankfully almost completely irrelevant. Shit attitudes, huge ego's. I hope they don't qualify so roy and lunch's lack of commitment is actually punished. They have cruised by, blaming everyone else for their misfortunes for too long. They are not good at halo 5, they play it inherently wrong. For god sake tibey said it on the last pit episode. They are the problem. They are anchors
  20. I have said it since XGAMES The twins are the problem, how much evidence do you need. "I have a life" The inspirational words of a player that despite his team's poor preformances for the the past 6 months isn't prepared to put in the work to get better. They are SALARIED. The largest tournament of the year is just around the corner and this is their attitude. "Noone is on 7 days a week" That is about as misguided as the entire trump administration. Optic are on seven days a week. NV are on virtually everyday also, both of them are also in a team house for worlds. Something that EG has the option to do, but fuck it why would we bother right. I won't go into their personal skill but these two players deserve less than panda, at least panda actually grinds. The twins are just in it for a last cash grab. They don't give a shit, I cannot fathom how people still support these players. CONTRA IS TRYING TO PLAY ONLINE HALO MORE I REPEAT CONTRA .....................
  21. He is just playing hard to get Dont give up, never accept defeat No means try harder Don't be afraid to show dominance and reach below the belt. I learned that from the Donald.
  22. @@Bad Dub This is not really a complaint, more of a suggestion, when I was looking through Panda's team page, and more specifically their recent scrim results, I noticed their scrim results results did not appear in chronological order making it very difficult to read and track the the teams improvement. Is their any chance you can fix this?
  23. Halo and Cod fan's are like abused spouses. Just keep coming come back and hoping for it to be better and less abusive with no evidence suggesting it will.

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