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  1. Also to all of those saying @@Cratos was shit Just look at the Panda vs ALG game, the man was straight up crushing it. He is back to his worlds form and is only going to continue to get better.
  2. People predicting alg to qualify ??? they were a serious doubt in my mind, I didn't think LG would qualify but I never thought ALG would. Sparty and crew have never looked too impressive and well sparty and commonly are online players. Feel bad for suspector he was crushing it yesterday. I do think they have a real chance in the LCQ as it is ONLINE. But if it was a lan, splyce would be hot favorites.
  3. So the LCQ now consists of: EG: Roy, Lunch, 2gre and Contra: Coached by Towey. 2. ALG: Emo, Commonly, Suspector and Trippey coached by hoaxer 3, Splyce: Bubu, Shoooter, shotzy and falcated coached by ????? 4. Team Cryptic: Ryanoob, Prototype, Babyxj and Dastroyed coached by ??? Tough one to call if I had to guess I would think splyce comes through but ALG is seriously good online. One thing is for certain, EG has a mountain to climb now. Edit: Never mind made a mistake lol
  4. could you do a breakdown of the game 5 of eg vs cryptic, I would be interested to see your thoughts on the collapse.
  5. First off I would never have gotten rid of devon, he is not the problem the twins are.
  6. I have nothing against 2gre, But this decision is completely illogical, I am dump founded, amazed, perplexed, that out of EVERYONE that they could have conceivably convinced to play with i.e teams in or around them, that 2gre was their best option. I deal in fact, stats and numbers day to day and this goes against all of those and to see people here going this was a good move, this team has a chance, 2gre is back, when everything that we have seen contradicts those views pisses me off. Like use logic
  7. I would have been honored to play 2gre when he was relevant. I would have stood in amazement. I just refuse to be buy into this deluded uneducated and blind opinion that 2gre is good at this game (IN COMPARISON TO OTHER PRO'S)
  8. would have the left the scene if towey didn't hold the twins to their contract.
  9. So 2gre is a trade up in your opinion, - better communication - better chemistry - NO DROP OFF in skill hmm might just be the least logical post of 2017 Congratulations.
  10. 1/ It is blatenty obvious 2gre was carried by snakebite, royal 2 and frosty, his placements after departing are evidence enough. 2/ He has attracted top ams, I repeat amateurs, who are just using 2gre for exposure. Not a single pro team considered him until now. 3/ Please, there are evidently better teams than this, hell id argue devons team has a better chance than this team of has beings + contra. They will get absolutely stomped, in the next lan.
  11. 1/ lets also consider the fact that his three team mates on that team have dominated the game alongside envy since making that change whilst 2gre has been in free fall.He was apart of a disastrous envy team, and has failed to make it back to relevancy since, whilst mikwen and pistola have risen to the top , which whatever way you cut is a bad sign. I personally believe frosty, Snakebite and Royal 2 are so good that they can team with toasterboy 32 and still place top 8. 2gre held them back. 2/ the fact that those are the only players he can attract, is a sign of how much he has fallen off. If he was still relevant surely pro teams would have considered him. 3/ At least devon was in the pro league, 2gre hasn't
  12. And the chances of EG making it worlds are now ...................................... Non existent. This is literally the equivalent of fuck it. You replace a player that has seen success in halo 5 with a player who has done nothing but fail. This will slow EG's gameplay to a crawl. Either they change the meta completely or they get destroyed. The latter of which is my favorite. This is going to be ugly. And screams guys , lets get the band together for one last hurrah. Something I am actually glad about. I am just curious as to whether or not the twins looked for another alternative but failed to convince them to join or whether 2gre was the first pick. If he was the first pick, then that is an appalling decision.
  13. panda could make a quick trade up here by replacing str8 sick for devon
  14. The thing that really frustrates me, is people saying games need to evolve and games like halo 3 wouldn't sell well now, are you fucking kidding me, a good game is a good game, end of discussion. Let's just look at cod, the moment they innovated, they suffered, because despite what some people criticized cod for "it is the same thing every year". That was actually one of its greatest strengths. It's consistency, devoted fan's were kept interested through new guns maps, and SLIGHT alterations to the formula, and generally they went from strength to strength. People knew what to expect from new games. The skills they learned in previous iterations were still relevant. The way of playing the game was similar. All the hours they had devoted to the franchise were still somewhat relevant and mattered because the way they played the game and the skills acquired were always transferable. Most consumers enjoy playing it safe, most like the dependable products. Cod has realized this and are now back peddling at a rate of knots yet in halo we still live in this delusioned fantasy that halo must evolve to stay relevant. It would still probably be relevant if we never fucking deviated.
  15. Next three, there is a 3 year cycle with developers where one sets the tone and the others follow, which is why they have 3 cod's with jet packs despite the negative feedback and backlash.
  16. it could be the fact that cod, has three separate developers, developing three different games with varying degrees of failure over the past three years and a consistent message throughout from the entire community that jet packs need to go. I mean the promotional video for IW is the most disliked video in the entire entity of youtube. That sends a very clear message.
  17. Right since it's a slow day, (month tbh) Just wanna ask a simple question based off of a video optic hitch did a few weeks back. Has halo taken a step forward this year (Overall accounting for everything) Have we progressed or have we regressed? Or are we the same Thoughts
  18. I wonder whether he will take legitimate criticism of his performance so personnel this time with worlds just around the corner. Edit: Convenient that he reappears now, for halo's largest moment of 2017. Clearly he is willing to put up with critics so long as the scene is big enough for him.
  19. Hold the Phone There mate. I have one ultra serious, urgent question that I am sure everyone in this forum is curious about.................. How is your APP coming along?
  20. It has clearly been a slow week if we are discussing the intentions of an MLG Employee posting here. Who the fuck cares.

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