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  1. I bet sparty wished he had an education now, that his halo career has taken a significant hit. I mean his worlds earnings last year year made up a signifcant portion of his tournament earnings. Edit: That and the fact he can't really consider himself pro any more. Well until roster-mania anyway, but even then, he is orgless, has known behavioral issues i.e has outburst at least once if not twice every two months and has been surpassed by numerous players. It is not looking pretty for him or commonly, I think suspector is the only one of that team that should be picked up by a top 8 team.
  2. Dude I wouldn't take this seriously, Everyone knew you and devon were not the problem with that team.
  3. Most if not all of them are salaried AND it is their profession. So not valid
  4. Funny how quick the forums perception has changed. A month ago the gap between optic and chasing pack was being reduced now, there is a gulf apparently. Optic have widened the gap, after three weeks of boot camping in the optic house, (except for royal 2) Quick question: Can anyone explain why every team isn't doing this?
  5. Dude they definitely didn't think the Abbreviation through, I google searched "TMNT org" as that is what I thought it was. Won't lie kinda dispointed, wish they had just stayed with team panda, Especially if the reason they left if due to hotel and food expenses, you're playing for a million dollars, last place walks away with like 12,000 grand. agh well, what can you do.
  6. he is bluffing, 343 will do shit before worlds and i guarantee you he is posting during worlds about worlds
  7. I really do not understand all of the criticism here. The team which everyone expected to go through went through. The only 4 people with any reason to complain is team cryptic as they were playing at 2am whilst shotzy and co were at 11pm. But we have ryanoob here defending the tournament organizers and just simply accepting defeat. He has not gone full blown emo, like other professionals. He has accepted it and moved on. Why are we complaining if the team who was worst affected is not? I would like to add, that time zone diiferences are just a common problem across all e-sports, it is very hard to plan for and players must accept that. I.e in call of duty european teams play in the na 2 and 4ks. If they make it to the semi's and finals they are playing at anywhere between 3 - 4 am. They do not complain, they recognize that is something they may have to deal with from time to time.
  8. What are you on about? Is that a roundabout way of saying they have 4 out of the top 5 players?
  9. Unless they draw fabe in the group that is unlikely, It will be difficult for any na team not in the fabe group to not make it to the winners bracket.
  10. OK, So as one of the more assertive posters at times (certainly not the worst) I can see both sides to this argument, During events team beyond members can get frustrated and vocalize it here on beyond. (i personally very rarely post during tournaments, because like one poster said if I hadn't noticed a particular issue and then become aware of it through team beyond, then my viewership experience is worse as I will undoubtedly fixate on it). Obviously sometimes these errors in production however are not so subtle, in fact at times this season, nothing has worked, and well the production at ugc in particular was terrible. It is the culmination of all of those failures, disappointments, frustrations, the unsolved tiny issues over the years that cause people to boil over at the production of some of the events as it is constant slap in the face. People have also posted numerous times over the years on how they could perhaps improve the production only for it to seem to fall on deaf ears,, so if constructive criticism is being ignored (or at least not adhered to) then that is when the frustrations are likely to occur. But on a day to day basis, to call this site and this place negative is ludicrous, when setting discussions, roster rules or actual production comes into discussions then yes there will be some negative comments but there are reasons for those, that cannot just be swept under the rug, the forum is typically a good experience (i feel like anyway) filled with memes, team updates, series scores and good discussions about teams performances and what they expect from them at the next tournament,. In fact I would say those discussions far outweigh the negative ones, it just the negatives in life are far easier to remember because they have more impact. (unfortunately for halo fans we don't have many euphoric moments in recent memory so the negatives may seem more prominent. ) We have community memebers creating stat tracking sites shoutout to @@Bad Dub We have members creating fantasy HCS sites, We have team beyond hosting monthly tournaments, even tournaments show casing different settings Shoutout to @@CyReN and @@Saucey We have members creating podcast's, analysis breakdowns, talk shows, We create and take community surveys, and give that feedback to 343 We have memnbers taking professional standard photographs shout out to @@Sandman Noone to my knowledge is paid a dime to do so and gets very little if any support. Members here post players 343 and community members youtube video's, tweet out/post streams both halo tournaments and just regular streams, tune in and participate in community video's. We are doing our part. The list goes on guys ...... To say this community and this thread is negative is just factually incorrect. We are inherently trying our best to move halo forward, and are simply frustrated with the apparent lack of effort from the developers. Up until yesterday whenever snakebite posted, the forums seemed excited about the lcq, and were discussing the possible outcomes, favorites etc (obviously there was a little bit of ridicule regarding seedings but even snakebite said they aren't logical). I mean I am just confused this place was created to have intellectual discussions about the state of competitive halo, where the fans aren't oblivious to problems that other communities are and aren't afriad to speak out against them. That is why I enjoy this site, it is not toxic. It is legitimate criticism for the most part, obviously small nit picky things are discussed at times, but it is the sheer amount of small things that could be improved that are not which are driving some community members absolutely insane. But we are here for the same reason , we have a passion for halo and halo e-sports, we all want halo to succeed, we all want the same things ultimately, but when halo is being held up by small errors or oversights that keep reoccurring the community needs to say something. We are not negative for no reason, there are driving forces behind our actions.
  11. Ding, Ding, Ding, Someone give this man a prize, There have been three constants in EG, during halo 5. It really doesn't take a genius to see where the problem lies. There have been numerous 3rd's and 4th's on this roster but they have still not seen success since xgames ................................ BUT NO it couldn't possibly be the twins There must be another explanation, It is EVERYONE else's fault. At this point the twins remind me of a petulant child, who can't deal with the fact they are not as good as they believe themselves to be.
  12. They could easily sell their league spot. And is quite possible that they leave seeing as they were close to before. And although shotzy was better than bubu (not hard to do) shotzy was well below his previous performances.
  13. When 343/esl gives the guys the stats, that is a community run site. It is not a 343/esl run site. (Thankfully)
  14. The true blood bath will be between towey and roybox when they don't qualify.
  15. Forget Optic wining, That was quite predictable. The true story of this event was the following: 1/ The lackluster performance of splyce. Not much else to say here, they sucked this weekend, bubu and shotzy in particular had very under whelming performances. They are now in serious danger of missing out as ALG is a very good online team. 2/ Panda making top 4 - Hate them or love them - this team showed the halo community that they are a serious team and have made HUGE improvements in a short space of time. You can argue about their path to the worlds qualification all you want but the fact of the matter is they qualified and then beat a str8 rippen team which was considered a top 4 team prior to this weekend. Congrats to those guys. 3/ LG qualifying - this to me was the biggest upset of the entire weekend. I didn;t see this coming at all, I thought they were destined for the lcq. But they not only qualified they showed they were serious contenders for worlds. So can we now please shut up about ninja's commitment to halo. The guy was crushing it all weekend long. So clearly h1z1 isn't hurting his gameplay. 4/ EG - Boy do I feel Vindicated now. I will leave it at that - as everyone here should know my opinion on this team by now. They are not making worlds nor do they deserve to, in my opinion. Bonus piece: 5/ ALG - Showed that they are indeed online warriors. Only suspector preformed equally as good if not better than he usually does online. I fully expect them to pip splyce to worlds in the lcq as they will be in their natural habitat. But lets face it that place will come down to whose host is worse for the enemy team.
  16. Wait did it happen after the game had originally ended, or was it always a best of 7 and casters just mistakenly thought it was a best of 5/
  17. Can someone tell me who knocked EG out of the loser bracket?
  18. My bad meant to say shooter, but forgot sparty jumped ship to renegades anyway.
  19. agh my bad forgot sparty jumped ship, he was originally on that team.
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