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  1. You see you have just hit the nail on the head. I love halo games but I just don't consider this to be a halo game. The gameplay contradicts the gameplay that I associate with halo, it started in reach and has only gone further and further away from the formula, yes I consider halo 5 to be further away from classic halo than halo 4 The dependence on auto's and radars means players crawled around and just stared at their radar. The ar becoming a power weapon has ruined virtually all playlists. People just run around now and spray and pray, this is compounded by fucking spartan charge which in my opinion is the single worst addition to this franchise. It completely contradicts classic halo gameplay. These two factors have watered down halo. No longer is halo a game about precision shooting and positioning. Next, the abilities my god. It makes just moving a complicated precedure, I do not want to have to, run, slide, jump, scope in/stabilize and thrust to get onto FUNDAMENTAL power positions. I get it they wanted to add a skill gap back in but to make movement as complicated wasn't really necessary and does detract new players. Classic halo was loved for its simplicity. The movement is compounded by the fact that the servers/aim are bolloxed. Add on the following: The abundance of power weapons Bad maps Questionable spawns Btb reduced to forge maps only Bad match making I.e you are secretly punished for solo queuing Meaningless ranks Stupid cheap features, ground pound, splinters Ridiculous auto aim on all guns besides the pistol I mean I just don't understand the appeal
  2. I am only level 30, I come back after every update play a couple of games and then remember why i hated the game and leave again. They can update the settings, update the modes, none of that will change my opinion that this is just a piss poor game. I played halo 4 for much longer ffs, I just hate playing this game, I don't want to but its just so frustrating for me.
  3. This has literally being the problem with halo, since halo reach. Far too many fundamental problems present when the game launched tarnishing the game and turning fans away.
  4. Don't worry, they will get it right it right at the 4th time of asking with halo 6. To be honest I actually feel a great deal of sympathy for the customer team, as they must just be bombarded with complaints, and it must feel like a never ending stream of complaints, as the developers/engineers/design and settings team just continuously mess up
  5. Do you honestly think they didn't try? Plus they got money matches to sponsor them for worlds.
  6. Slight exaggeration on my part but I was just trying to emphasize the fact that most do not question his skill.
  7. This was only one occasion, this happens on a monthly basis with varying degrees of emo, which is why I stated that spartan can only harbor the community's sympathy for so long. At the end of the day, actions speak louder than words and spartan's breakdown's have not dimished. Like @@wow posted, spartan has the skill of a top ten player, but he is his own greatest obstacle. If he would cut the emo bullshit, and just focus on halo and entertaining his viewers then the community would rally behind him once more. But he has to cut out this emo shit.
  8. Contra: 72 votes - or 22% Spartan: 174 votes or 53% Randa: 81 votes or 25% Noteworthy that the pro's gave the award to Randa but the community gave their votes to spartan.
  9. Public perception has changed because of HIS ACTIONS. He hasn't progressed like people believed he would. He has a public meltdown at least once a month. Has made ridiculous statements such as college is a scam. Has a few times ridiculed viewers/subscribers when they critique his gameplay. Edit/elaboration The public meltdowns are in my opinion the main reason for this shift. You can only harbor sympathy from people for so long. Eventually you have to look at yourself and ask why aren't things going right? Which I really feel like spartan must do at some point, for instance why isn't he earning much money now, Well he virtually got himself kicked off team liquid, for preemptively and publicly criticizing his team mates for a perceived team change, the change was not definitive it was just a possibility but after spartan reacted the way he did he got dropped. He then ended up on allegiance and not making worlds. This was entirely his own doing and perfectly sums up spartan. People should have no sympathy for that situation as it was entirely his own doing.
  10. Might have something to do with this Incident. After all who could trust a man that would betray Snakebite, in such a cold and malicious way.
  11. Ignore him, he will argue that anything after halo 2 is less of an accomplishment because it came in a "less skilled game"
  12. Dumbing down the settings is not the way to do it, but making slight alterations is the way to do it, look at black ops 2, that was very similar to casual call of duty except some perks were changed, meanwhile in halo 2 and 3, settings and maps were completely different thus making it harder for the casual player to transfer. 343 intentions and plan was theoretically sound, sadly we have no way of determining the effectiveness of this strategy as we have no way of tracking the population. The fault is not they tried to bridge the gap, it is that the base settings were just shit. i.e auto's overpowered, shit aiming, poorly laid out maps, poor weapon spawn timers etc.
  13. Please tell me all our pro team's are competing under there actual org's, and this is actually being promoted/marketed?
  14. Whoa there buddy slow down there, If history has thought us anything it is 343 cannot multi-task. Lets focus on one fundamental feature of halo at a time.
  15. Am I the only one who thinks EG should pick up Ryanoob and Prototype. Let them worry about the rotations and just let the twins focus on shooting. Won't happen but man they need to realize at some point they are playing inherently the wrong way. Ryanoob, could perhaps speed up the learing process by handing them cliff notes. Just saying the twins need to geek up a bit. Then stick contra on ninja's team and wham bam thank you mam, both teams just improved. Side note: Of all the bloody teams spartan had to join, god dammit, I really liked that team. Now I am conflicted.
  16. Dude, We can't afford anything anymore, The game is a year and a half old, Our player base is shrinking by the week, WE STILL HAVE HEAVY AIM - in an fps game - like how bad does a fps game have to be to mess up aiming Our competitive settings aren't competitive We have a broken spectator mode Our funding is declining, We have player uproar We have community uproar - (although nothing new there) We have org uproar - hec'z vlog and conor from instinct. We have personalities like legion weighing in. We have a political power struggle between T/O's and 343 i.e we do not have mlg despite their interest. Our am scence is dying Our pro's are considering leaving We were the laughing stock of e-sports at the weekend. And yet we have heard nothing ............
  17. It is also really rare for a supposed triple A game to release in an unplayable state whereby the consumers were given no notice what so ever. But hey 343 are breaking all kind of records and notions.
  18. I see the off season settings discussion has already begun, See you guys when the pro league is announced and roster-mania begins, as this shit is literally pointless, even the pro's have fuck all say, so why bother .........
  19. Lol he has more posts than all 343 employee's combined, except for possibly the pro team.
  20. Well we now have one of the largest personalities in all of E-sports speak out against 343, Will it change anything, probably not, they will ignore him like they ignored us. The worlds venue was a disgrace, they asked us to be patient, they asked us to give them a chance, and this was there end product, a fucking tent with a projector, we have literally gone back to the halo 1 era, with venues like this. Hec'z just showed 800,000 people how patheitc our competitive scene is. 343 has managed to make e-sports look like a joke. The players and the community deserve better. We need more outrage. Can any community members from here tell us what the experience was like from them, was it worth the money?, Would you have gone if you had known what the viewer experience would be?

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