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  1. The story about the caster missing his deodorant and packing more underwear than needed was tier 1!!!!!
  2. Thanks for all the interesting discussions and that SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET
  3. Stellurs stream is titled halo and he is playing with FlameSword and unlegit !!!!!!! Could they be going to optic???
  4. You're doing it wrong, you need to Slide into his DM's, to get that sweet !
  5. My god you are right, why did I not notice this until now, It is so obvious, #bringbacktehhairz2016
  6. Str8sick said on his stream the other night that himself and nemassist are an official TO2 so it is plausible, as long as str8 sick and nemassist still want to team with goofy after they failed to make it out of regionals.
  7. In case, you guys didn't realize, there is a new Pokemon game out called Pokemon tournament. It looks pretty insane lol, why has it taken this long for something like this to exist!
  8. There are definitely roles within teams still, it is just they are more fluid than previous halo's, due to how fast the games tend to play nowadays. Edit: Furthermore former halo pro and personality"Ghandi" once said teams can no longer rely on just one or two players carrying out the objective but rather they need players which can do it all (like CLG), the game moves so fast and is so dynamic that teams which do rely on just one or two people to do the so called "dirty work" will be left behind. Obviously there are still tendencies such as royal 2 will gravitate towards the sniper/ power weapons but if he is having an off game he has team mates who can all rip faces with sniper (just less consistently). I personally broke it down into roles so people could better understand the potential team composition but you are correct definitive roles are less solid as they once were but are ultimately are still there at least in some capacity.
  9. I really think people are reading far too much into this FIS situation, we know 2gre, victory x and FIS are all great friends not even mentioning the fact that Ninja has teamed with FIS twice previously. They are not blind and definitely smart enough to realize that FIS peaked in 2010, ever since he has been nowhere near as dominant, he wasn't even considered for a top team during the online qualifiers so I highly doubt, top players are going to consider him now for the pro league. In addition, I feel the team of 2gre, ninja, victory and commonly is slightly under-rated by some as that's team composure, smarts and communication with 2gre and victory would be solid. Could they beat CLG, not likely but how many squads really have a realistic chance of beating CLG? Very few! Out of all the free agents left I would like to see something like Naded (taking the lethul role), Cratos/Rayne (Support) and Mikwen and Penquin being the two main slayers. Edit: Additionally thanks for all the support on my first post!
  10. (Coming out of my manly lurk cave) I think this just has to be said, as both Microsoft and 343 have come under a lot of scrutiny recently and rightfully so in my opinion. But when Halo in it's current state has more LAN's and Larger prize pool's than the largest and most popular FPS shooter on the market, it shows they are really trying to push the halo franchise and they are putting everything into it. COD has the organizations, the massive following, the sponsorships, the league and is on FOUR separate consoles. (I am not saying we don't have any of those but let's face it we are on a smaller scale) And yet somehow we have more tournaments and larger prize pool's. It can also be argued that halo has been steadily improving the last two installments whereas, cod has been on a downtrend ever since ghost was released. Is halo 5 perfect? NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!, but are we at least heading in the right direction? YES!, I mean halo is now an attractive e-sport to competitors again, we just had something like 100,000 people watch the halo world championship(that is unbelievable, COD pro's are now actively saying they should have switched games) and if COD continues it's downward spiral which looks likely if blops 3 isn't even satisfying their competitive community then Halo will likely continue growing. P.S absolutely love this forum so I just had to become a premium member lol

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