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  1. Was talking about at launch, I agree that the current looting system is much better.
  2. 100% agree. It is actually quite comical that a game with as many things wrong with it at launch was as successful as it was. It kept me playing for far longer than it should have. It wasn't the gameplay or the story that kept me invested, it was the simple mechanics, of shooting, movement and the environment that was so polished and enjoyable for me to play. it was oddly refreshing. If destiny 2 fixes the issues that plagued destiny, such as servers, a lackluster campaign, repetitive grinding, broken unlock/upgrade system, then destiny 2 will be a powerhouse.
  3. I actually find it baffling to see that people are bashing Bungie and Destiny. Did destiny live up to its hype, no absolutely not. Did they make some errors in judgement, sure. But the game mechanics themselves, functioned flawlessly, which is more than 343 has accomplished in 3 games and which their best effort was halo 4. Bungie made mistakes with destiny, there is no denying that, but the magnitude of those errors were nowhere close to 343's who released a broken game one year and an fps with heavy aim the next, an issue which has still yet to be resolved and where they have no clue what is causing it. 343 isn't even in the same league as bungie in terms of developers.
  4. The one day @@mikeface killah doesn't post, the forum implodes. This forum depends on the meme teams, continued awesomness in order to prevent it from turning on itself. Please meme team save us from ourselves. You are our only hope.
  5. (thats why i said it doesnt matters) i don't really care about it, hence why i asked for a full red bar. It was more a point of, i would have recieved no support, had i made such statements, and would have been seen as just a giant c***. thats what i was trying to convey. Hell i got 8 different users telling me what an ass i was just the other day, and i was far less aggressive.
  6. genuinely curious what did cooper do? I think I was away when all that shit went down.
  7. AND PEOPLE HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY I AM A DICK if i had posted some of the shit that was posted, i would have been negged into obvilion, (not that it matters lol) #doublestandards #Equality
  8. If he is, it probably isn't really for IW, probably more of a strategy to get his name out there, for the new cod.
  9. It does, to the relevant parties, but lets be clear for the general consensus they only care about the teams that actually compete at the highest level, i.e eu cod is blowing up right now after the success their teams had last year at cod champs, and the recent success of splyce. If Fabe had preformed better at hwc, the eu scence would have been respectable but they didn't win a game against one of the top teams, which in my opinion makes the scene less interesting from my perspective as when it's just the whipping boy of the big teams, i find it difficult to care. it kinda de-legitimizes the scene. (My opinion not stating it as a fact). This isn't even taking into account how poorly the other teams performed.
  10. apologies, you're right i generalized, but let's be fair it is like watching division 2 football.
  11. Do you think they even comprehend how much damage the MCC did though?
  12. Dude it is EU halo, this is like the anz region in cod, noone really cares and just wants one team to form that can take games off NA teams to make it interesting.
  13. And he wonders why orgs/sponsors are hesitant to sign/work with him. Spartan clearly doesn't understand the importance of marketing yourself, nor does he really grasp how important public perception is. For instance, you would never really see ninja, snakebite or lethul make a comment like this. Nor would you see them act like an entitled/petulant child on twitter. Look, fact of the matter is, the guy is just disillusioned and apparently uneducated. He uses depression as a crutch, (it is not fucking tourettes, nor is it even in the same ball park,) he has complete control over his actions. Countless people across the world suffer depression, that does NOT mean you can excuse yourself from acting like a jack-ass. Somehow, this guy still has subscribers, which i think is a statement of halo as whole rather than him as a personality as, how many options do his subscribers have?, not that many that play regularly. But I for one, I am not suprized, and not even in the slightest sympathetic to him and his recent plight, as it is all due to his incompetence.
  14. You see, I wanted someone who would give an intelligent response. Not someone who just goes "prove it" and thats just an opinion. Now everyone can at least understand where there point of view is coming from because of his well articulated and thought out response.
  15. absolutely right, I wasn't talking to you, if I wanted your opinion, I would have asked for it. The fact it is a bad game can be seen, with its population, don't be ignorant and dismiss that, And if you think this feels like a halo game, then you are utterly fucking clueless.
  16. agh wake up and smell the coffee, Just because something hasn't been definitely proven, doesn't mean you can't read between the lines.
  17. Can I ask you an honest question, as you seem to play this game quite alot. Why do you do it? How do you tolerate all of its issues, I mean there is no doubt this is a bad game, if it was a new series, noone would play it. I like halo as much as anyone here, but noone can sit here and tell me this plays like a halo game should.
  18. Having all of your shots register from that distance, with that gun, in this game, is the the equivalent of an extermination in halo 3.

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