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  1. Agreed, not exactly a taxing job, and people would definitely do it if it involved them getting them closer to the action. Was just pointing out that it would require more than 1 person.
  2. Agree entirely, But in fairness it would involve, hiring multiple people to do that, to capture all of the side stations as well.
  3. Mind blown. MLG manage to provide full stats after large 200+ team tournaments, and then on the odd occasion they can't they still provide stats for main stage games, again not perfect but miles better than what we are getting. Why is everything so difficult. Hell CodStats is a thing because of how reliable MLG are at reporting and releasing each teams stats.
  4. Is fantasy HCS live for this weekend? Have not heard or seen anything about it?
  5. Thank you, can't believe I forgot those 2. I am ashamed of myself.
  6. What do you expect from a guy that blames everyone but himself for the fact that he has never made pro. The dude thinks there is a conspiracy against him and the pro circuit is an elite circle jerk where nobody ever give ams a chance. the following are breakout ams the from the past two games (exceptions to the rule according to rob) :Notice how they make up more than 50% of pro players. suspector spartan danoxide Huke randa falcated shotzy bubu dubu predevonator el town contra commonly rayne penquin renegade cratos eco babyxj dastroyed rammy sayian trippey shooter Stellur Frosty But no, rob is really great, everyone else is just conspiring against him. Which is why he has never come close to becoming pro and why the pro's treat hhim like a joke.
  7. Now before I start, I have no idea what your internet is like so this pure speculation at this point as there is zero evidence available to help prove my point I think the main problem at this point has to be the population of players playing this game. With the decline in people playing the game, it has become harder and harder for the game to find suitable matches and servers for players. (This could also be worresened if 343 has stopped using as many servers as they did at launch) Add in the fact that there are ranks involved and search preferences such as balanced and I have come to the conclusion that the system just cannot consistently incorporate its players into "balanced/fair" matches Again I have no way to prove this theory as there are no numbers for any of this (possibly by design) but it is just my guess as to what is going on
  8. My remarks, were mainly referring to previous comprises i.e Instead of getting rid of radar, we get a watered down version. In addition snakebite has previously said, they put players in a situation where they have to choose between two bad situations, I could keep going. Sorry if that wasn't clear for you. (granted i didn't necessarily refer to those previous instances prior to this)
  9. God this just killed me a little inside. I mean this is where halo is at. Where we have to make comprises like this. Why can't they just fix their broken mechanics, like many other competent developers do regularly. No instead we have to find the middle ground, where the situation isn't solved, but is improved upon. I mean sure it is progress, but it leaves a sour taste.
  10. Mixture of both, I personally play with it off, alongside auto stabilize. So I personally just forgot this was a thing.I am stunned the pro's didn't realize until recently.
  11. While were at it: Remove spartan charge Remove/fix heavy aim Fix spectator mode and Bring back oddball This is in addition to the removal of ground, and fixing the bullshit lunges. Then we may actually find ourselfs with a decent halo playlist. The overall game will still be dog shit. But there will at least be this playlist.
  12. To be honest, I don't know why they would care, why is frank any more important than other posters, is it because of his stature or his followers on twitter or is it the fact he is linked with the team beyond staff. Why does frank's opinion hold more weight? Is he significant in any real way? I just don't understand why people seem to place such a weight on his opinions. What has he done to earn this weight? I had never heard of him until bomb planted.
  13. Halo Content by @@ssbChad Dude is actually seriously funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSXffj0msO0
  14. Haven't a clue, nor do i care. All I am discussing which was more enjoyable to PLAY, I have never said anything about competing. Halo 5 is garbage to play at any level, Destiny is at least fun to play. Hell Mikwen's brother plays a shit ton of destiny, not halo (my opinion)
  15. Hmmm As balanced probably not, but it wasn't designed to be a competitive shooter, halo 5 was. So I don't think it is really fair to compare the two, when they were built around different premises. It gradually has gone that way so maybe destiny 2 will be more competitive, https://killscreen.com/themeta/promise-competitive-destiny/ it at least seems plausible.
  16. It is just a preference dude. I personally find halo 5's multiplayer to be one of the worst multiplayer experiences I have ever experienced. You clearly disagree and that's okay But for me, when an FPS game fucks up aiming, it is seriously bad, add in the terrible serves and it just isn't fun for me. I will take destiny's cheesiness over 343's incompetence any day of the week as at the end of day I found it more enjoyable and based off the games popularity, quite a few people would agree (maybe not on this forum).
  17. You'd rather play an fps with terrible servers, and heavy aim....... okay I will ignore the rest of this post except for the part in red. Are you joking, what has Kevin Franklin ever accomplished besides destroying franchises? This was halo's lead multiplayer designer at one point. And don't even get me started on Quinn Del Hoyo who has accomplished nothing significant either. I would estimate Bungle has far more competent designers. Lead multiplayer designer for destiny. https://www.destinypedia.com/Lars_Bakken Worked on more popular video games than halo 5 throughout his career, just saying.

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