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  1. It is all I am clinging to, I will be devastated if they now decide to buck the trend. Slight over dramatization but you catch my drift.
  2. 343 is BLATANTLY CHASING TRENDS they tried to capture the battlefield audience with warzone ffs. Sprint is still in the game because apparently gamer's think games without it are far too slow. And i thought one developer (could be wrong) said they were trying to capture audiences from a different games. So you see I find it hard to accept your point, halo has been butchered and rebuilt into this monstrosity because 343 is deliberately chasing other games audiences. And how best do they do that? By building a game with similar mechanics, gameplay or modes.
  3. This is a terrible mindset, We had 3/4 of those in halo 4 and needless to say that didn't turn out too well. We know nothing about the multiplayer, very few on this forum (I am assuming) care about the campaign as this is a competitive multiplayer forum, therefore the main focus is on the multiplayer side, and we know NOTHING. We do not know whether 343 are still deluding themselves into thinking advanced movement is the way forward. - Personally I think yet again they will follow others games and return us to classic halo. (there is far too much negative feedback regarding advanced movement for them to move forward, but more importantly COD is now going back to boots on the ground and if 343 wants to try and capture that audience it must also).Edit: if cod removed sprint I would bet my mortgage on 343 doing the same,
  4. TTK is slightly quicker, reminds me of ghosts. The payloads, oh man the payloads are broken, and literally ruin the casual playlists. One of the character models has a smaller hitbox spawns are god awful on some maps and defy basic spawn knowledge Because the game is faster than blops 3 and more similar to AW, hardpoints is literally just fly at the opposition and pray for a break, (breakout hardpoint the only exception) But mainly I think regardless of those issues, this game was just the straw that broke the camels back, it could have been the best jetpack game (it isn't) and people still would have hated on it as they want classic cod back. (and sent a crystal clear message about it) Poor sales figures, i believe activison cut the sales price in half one week after release most hated youtube video of all time was the trailer poor twitch viewership poor game population the fact that mwr has a larger population (it is significantly more) - Activision was fortunate though that they bundled mwr with iW and i believe only now are selling them separately. That really did boost the sales of iw up quite a bit and satisified the fans to some degree, otherwise yikes.
  5. I could respond but you missed the main point of my post. Fuck it yolo There is no need to compare them, they are both perceived by their respective communities as bad. It is like comparing two turds to see which is the slightly better There is no point, this is widely perceived as the worst cod ever,so of course halo will appear to be doing respectfully well in comparison But if anyone is delusional enough to believe halo is in a good spot, then you are blind, The scene may not be dying, (kept afloat by money) but it is sure as hell not growing - and with another year and half of this game signs look ominous. Meanwhile ww2 will have so much hype surrounding it that so long as it inst a mcc, cod will be back up where it belongs comfortably in the top 10 games played on twitch whilst halo will struggle to get 2,000 viewers daily just like halo 4. Stop comparing halo 5 to IW they are boh failures, (of different magnitudes of course) halo has not capitalized on the worst cod ever - THAT IS A FUCKING FAILURE OF EPIC PREPORTIONS
  6. Okay so I have played both games and let me tell you now there are alot of similarites: They are both shit They are both not popular amongnst their respective communities Twitch viewership is low for both (on a daily basis), cod still blows us out of the water for lan's they are both ghost towns - you can find a game easier in previous cod games than you can in IW, So you see comparing halo 5 to the worst received call of duty ever is a bit meaningless and may i point out that their is no metric where halo 5 comes out on top. Their entire community is just waiting for ww2. If you want to compare halo 5 to cod you are just 4 short months away from a massive disappointment as call of duty is doing what halo should have done years ago which is go back to its roots.
  7. Anyone else praying that ww2 gets cod back to its roots at its point? As if that sucks i might just pack it in fps wise, everything just gets consistently worse.
  8. Like Moses said, not surprised, just insanely disappointed. We needed something to cling to, and we got nothing. For Christ sake, the game is a barren wasteland.
  9. SO We are have another year and a half on Halo 5 minimum................. Let that sink in for a moment.
  10. Right, This is the least logical statement I have read in a long time. Bungie created the 3 best games in the series. This is widely agreed upon and accepted amongst every halo community, that I have seen. On the flip side of that coin we have 343 who created the two worst games games in halo's history with halo 4 and the MCC. Halo 4 butchered yes butchered halo's formula to the point where it was barely recognizable. Then you have the MCC which was outright broken. These two games are without question "black eyes" in the halo series. And if you want my honest opinion, MCC was worse than halo 4 solely because halo 4 FUNCTIONED. (So your point that 343 has steadily improved is complete horseshit.) Sure halo 5 is an improvement from halo 4 and certainly mcc but that isn't difficult now is it. They are nowhere near the status of bungies original trilogy. Now here is the only element where you have even a sliver of hope. Bungie's worst game was reach, and 343's best game is halo 5. Now halo reach had its problems, but to say halo 5 is better than halo reach is debatable at best. There are very few features in halo 5 which anyone can definitely say is improved upon from halo reach. 343 managed to screw up aiming in an fps with halo 5. That is the basic mechanic in any shooter. So how anyone can sit here and argue that halo 5 is a good game when its CORE MECHANIC is broken is beyond me. Add in,the fact that reach had more features out of the gate and held a larger audience, then we can see it was more of a success than halo 5. Finally, you argue that bungie first introduced the mechanics that have lead to halo's fall from grace and you know what? your'e right. (it is the only piece you are right about, but hey at least its something.) However, 343 are not forced to continue down that path, it was their decision to hire people who wanted to innovate the series, because they hated halo because of x feature. It was their decision to base halo 4's entire game around one fucking game mode (btb heavies if you're curious) it was their decision to make sprint a default ability, it was their decision to sell a broken game and it was their decision to make halo 5 the way it is. They reevaluated every single fucking line of code from the original series and changed it, instead of building off the success's of the original triology. They decided to do everything, it is their fuck ups not bungie's hurting us. Edit: Didn't even notice you brought up destiny, right sit down boy. Destiny was completely devoid of content, yes. You're right right there. Missteps were made. But the game's mechanics functioned flawlessly and the game has steadily improved since launch. Meanwhile we are a year and a half into halo 5 and we still can't aim properly. (as pointed out above this is sort of critical) Content is meaningless if you're mechanics are fucked.
  11. Hey Guys, Just curious as to whether or not anyone hear could clarify something for me. So i got on halo 5 after about a year or so on the weekend, and noticed wild differences in aiming between the pistol and the rifles. (hell even the rifles felt different from each other) Am I just headcasing? Or was this deliberately designed into the game. Has this even been proven?
  12. So they deliberately made the aiming different across multiple weapons in an fps game? I can't think of any other game that has done this. I mean i can understand power weapons feeling different from primary wepaons but precision/primary weapons feeling different from each other just leads to serious frustration and inconsistency. How do they expect people to just adjust on the fly.
  13. OK so I am not a headcase, Thanks guys, But that leaves me to the unavoidable conclusion that each weapon aims differently................... FFS 343! Edit: Has this ever been tested or verified?
  14. To me it seems like every weapon feels different, and I am not sure whether that is intentional or not. It causes serious inconsistency for me but again i don't know if its a server issue or game design.
  15. Can I just ask people here, whether they a notice a notable difference between aiming with a pistol and a BR? Or is it just me? The BR aim feels so much more clunky and slower, to me. I hadn't played the game in a long time, until this weekend and was noticing wild differences between the two and hadn't remembered the game being like that previously.
  16. Someone has been watching the cod world league lol Edit Don't blame you, so do I, great production. Edit 2: One of the most disheartening things though is switching between that and a halo event, talk about night and day.
  17. IW has a couple of things going for it Right out of the gate they made competitive settings - banning certain, payload, weapons, and even character models. They did not play with out of the box settings for a year and a half. Say what you want about IW but at least they didn't fuck up aiming. They have a very good spectator mode. - This is further enhanced by the fact that MLG has created an advanced viewing experience where they can watch one players POV if they so choose, they can also view stats live. They have large open events as well as biweekly 2k's all hosted by MLG, so they are run properly. THEY HAVE MLG. They have a global LAN league. They have more events than us this year. (Large 200+ teams open events too and closed events) They can Track stats - which is too much for us apparently (despite the fact our seen is literally 10% of cod's.) There is more money in IW in comparison to halo They don't play with UAV's - i.e no radar It is a newer game in comparison to halo 5. The events for the most part are being marketed the right way apart from the ever changing stream rights i.e one week it is just mlg, next it is mlg, youtube and twitch. The pro's actively create content and selflessly promote it. Mlg has been allowed to alter the settings to make it as competitive as possible. They have already changed some of the competitive maps, keeping the games fresh. And lastly it is cod, it has the largest audience of any console fps. Ultimately we have one game where everything is being done to make the game competitive and one where the developer dicked around and did nothing to help the scene.
  18. cheers, Any chance you could fill me in on who is oxygen? And when did they enter the scene?
  19. Can someone give me a quick (or detailed what ever your preference) run-down of why the production was so bad? Was it worse than the previous UMG? I mean dam 120 pages in 3 days. Can i get some context here. I am thankful I didn't tune in. Edit Also can someone tell me who the hell is on oxygen? I feel like I have been offline for a month not 3 days.
  20. Most Obnoxious Player I ever had the misfortune of runing with was a English Guy called KJBadBoy. Dude had an insane shot, but was just a disgusting human being, and the most obnoxious team mates you could imagine. And god help the comms if he got shit on. Ugh sending shivers down my spine.

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