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  1. Forget that, the gameplay aspect is manageable, but i can't imagine playing on these god awful maps for another 2 years. Give me decent maps and then maybe you have a chance or retaining your already small audience, but they can't continue with just releasing polished forge maps.
  2. Releasing the HCS weapon skins at a painfully slow rate seems to be there plan,
  3. Now you are being delusional, The MCC fiasco did irreversable damage to the image of 343 in classic halo players minds. (inparticular those focused on the multiplayer side) This on top of halo 4 has sealed 343's faith (and ultimately halo's) They will never recapture their faith, They are lost. Gone, Halo 5 sales numbers are an indication of this.
  4. I admire anyone who still remains optimistic that the feedback given in this thread will in anyway impact the decisions 343 make.
  5. This right here, Like others have pointed out, the ruling kinda defies obvious logic, therefore something has to have been there to sort of force their hand, they have been publically made a fool of, and of course can't just come out and say we messed up guy's sorry, that just not how businesses function, hell 343 viewed halo 4 as a massive success, they made their bed and are now living with the consequences, they can't come out and publicly go against their own ruling or admit to wrong doing. There has to be something else in play, as like you pointed out it just doesn't make any sense.
  6. I am going to make one last stab at this. The anger is misplaced. ESL's incompetence was a mistake. A genuine one, there is nothing they can do if a player has found a way to exploit one of their rules. They must abide by their own rules. They cannot just turn around and say no. Yes the rule is stupid, yes the rule needs to be changed, and I am fairly sure it will be but for legal reasons I am not sure if ESL can simply abolish the rule just because they recognize that someone has intentionally and maliciously beaten the system. There hands are more than likely tied. The anger/disgust should be directed at cratos. Not ESL.
  7. It got deleted as well as mine I do not know why the original post remains but the conversations sparked from it are deleted
  8. I think you are just trying to compete with my neg rep, Don't even bother trying to deny it, I am onto you. You are jealous of that sexy full red bar. There is no other explanation for this post.
  9. We don't really have 10 teams though we have 9, and then a sacrificial lamb Name the 10th squad other than the 8 pro teams and bubu's squad. Edit: By all means let 9 teams be in the pro league but if that is the case make relegation automatic. None of this play off shit, make it actually interesting and meaningful, because, if we increase the the pro league, we then inherently reduce the talent in the am scene meaning the quality of teams is reduced, therefore, it becomes harder for them to break through thus only compounding the problems already present within the hcs structure. (Just to clarify the first seeded am team should automatically trade places with the pro team who finishes 9th) then you could possibly have the second best am team battle it out with the 8th place pro team.) This provides real incentitive to the am's whilst also providing actual punishment to teams not taking the league seriously. No team has made it into the pro league yet from relegation yet, and every season the second team has been dam near white washed. I think a better solution would be to add prize money into the amateur scene to give them something to play for and make it not such a gigantic waste of time.
  10. Indirectly it is likely to damage them slightly (for the short term anyway) although I would hope people can distinguish between an individuals actions and an org's actions.
  11. in fairness the pats, are probably one of the most globally recognized brands in the nfl. I can only think of a few others. The rest are not marketable outside of the us, something the nfl is drastically trying to change by holding games internationally.
  12. Drunken argument between himself and his girlfriend was captured on Maven's stream (A former halo caster/personality) in which kyle was arguing that he didn't do anything wrong , add on to it that at one point kyle says "I am a Lion" and the nickname loophole lion was born. there was a youtube video out briefly but it was deleted and has never resurfaced. Very few people saw this, but everyone kinda knows the jist of what happened. This does not do it justice in any way.
  13. I just have to commend you for your website. It is absolutely brilliant. Thank you for creating it.
  14. What's this ???? A pro self promoting his content on a social media site, instead of letting his fan's do it. A site dedicated for people who enjoy competitive halo. My god someone give this guy a medal, he is a genius! All pro's should do this.
  15. I don't know about that, I know ninja has a lower floor than most pro players, but how often does he actually hit that? Additionally Ninja has been to worlds before, I think that experience alone will make him more of an asset, over a players that is pretty similar in terms of ability.
  16. It is almost certainly a matter of when they tilt. TBH Ninja and Str8 would have been better off had they they joined forces over Renegade. This team has the obj oriented mindset down, but is lacking in the mental and slaying prowess departments, everything going well, they will do well but if one of those two components struggle, then they are destined to miss out.
  17. THIS is why we are known as the toxic community. Quit attacking and publicly shaming an esl offical. That came here in an attempt to clear this up. (he did not have to do so) He is not even close to being solely responsible for this. I don't think anyone could have foresaw the events that transpired. Hell 90% of the pro's weren't aware that this was even possible. Thats how many unique situations need to happen for this to take place. Audley wasn't aware, coaches weren't aware, noone was aware that this could take place. They found a loophole, these things happen. We should be grateful that they interact with us. And you have the audacity to try and publicly shame him when you yourself are in no fucking way affected at all by this. The pro's are not even doing this. So shut the fuck up you enormous pleb.
  18. so the emo who has a period every month is the captain. wouldn't have been my first choice

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