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  1. Give him time, He is still arguing for the removal of sprint in 2017 - he is clearly a slow learner.
  2. Ignorant fool, We have argued all of these in abundance, but we have come to accept that the chances of those things being removed/fixed are slim to none. so why bother complaining about things which we have no chance of changing. But if you feel like continuing the good fight by all means. Arguing on removing sprint in halo 5 - I mean I don't even know where to start with this and you say we have our head buried in the sand sheeesh.
  3. Look at MLG's current Streams/Productions and tell me they are not a thousand times better then the utter garbage we watched this past weekend. Comparing MLG in 2011 to now is just foolish and ignorant. It was amateurish. Production team should all be fired. Edit: And its not just not up to MLG's Standard, It wasn't up to anyone's standard. This is 2017 guys, how many examples are there of how to produce high quality streams, Did we hire people with no experience because thats precisely what it looked like We were so far off the mark that we may as well have been blindfolded and spun the wrong way round. This is where the frustration lies, the level of knowledge and expertise in this area has grown exponentially in recent years and then we get a production that takes us back to the stone ages , and we get ZERO EXPLANATION. Everything apart from the stream (visual) quality was sub par. The individuals involved in the production need to realize this, they completely failed. They made a mockery of that tournament and he high level game play being displayed. The list of things they did well is so minute it isn't even worth mentioning.
  4. 5 caps is way too excessive if a team caps 3 flags in three minutes then the other team has made a long series of mistakes and deserves to be punished
  5. And so the champs grind begins, The optic halo roster doing a boot camp in the optic scuf house. (interesting to see the content produced with all four of them in the house.)
  6. UGC is SOLEY Accountable. Anyone saying otherwise was l;ikely involved and trying to cover up their mess own mess, or is trying to deflect the criticism away from a friend. The production team should be ashamed of their display. Pathetic Any positives that came from the tournament was in spite of the production team, not because of it.
  7. thats essentially any team with the emo on it to be fair, only way it be worse is to throw naded and ninja on it.
  8. did ghost honestly just say big shout out to the production team? Hmm for what exactly, This has been the worst production since agl, #but even then there black and white player cams were the correct fucking player, how can agl have better production than this.
  9. i will go further and say, they should be stripped of any future events, this is a disgrace, expectations arent even high for halo tournments (production wise) but for them to be so far off the mark is nothing short of a complete fuck up. they do not have the skills or expertise to run a functional tournament.
  10. how ugc has captured none of pandas games, when they and inconcievable have the most interest surrounding them is straight up pathetic.
  11. so we have picture but now the audio sucks ffs this is pathetic production team should be fired
  12. just shoot me now if were stuck with this halo radio this is a fucking joke a disgrace
  13. 7.30 pm Easstern time is 5 hours behind. western is 7 hours behind Central is 6 hours behind Edit: Whoops this is a central event not eastern so 8.30 Also if you can post this is why can't you simply look it up?
  14. Do we get to make two teams in the astro A40 hcs fanatsy league if we do? Kinda joking, Kinda serious, might increase participants, whilst also increasing premium members, which is a win win for both parties in my mind.
  15. Technically that is accurate as it said FPS halo and Gears of War

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