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  1. Reminds me a bit of trying to get Crux of Crota to drop. Then again, RNGesus hates me.
  2. BTB should have been AR/Magnum like the rest of the game right from the start. The fact that it wasn't and never got updated to be so is one of the things that bothered me the most, as someone who would like to enjoy BTB MM, throughout H5's lifespan. It worked so nicely in customs, too.
  3. That Goldenboy cutout is getting a lot of mileage this weekend. I love it!
  4. Yeah, but it feels kind of pointless to go on about it again. Plus I'm currently in London for the HCS event and don't really feel like typing out a ton of suggestions that won't be much more than a detailed "start with CE, improve consistency where possible, and add some of the more interesting/contextually relevant new stuff".
  5. Seems like we really just need a sandbox that's balanced a bit better. I still maintain that H5 made steps in the right direction but didn't quite get there. I'm really hoping that the trajectory continues with Infinite and that lessons about things such as Sniper Rifles and persistent UI elements for static spawning items are learned and acted on.
  6. If you manage to get a power weapon(s) and successfully avoid any risky encounters, and make advantageous use of those weapons without overextending and giving them up then you're just flat out playing better than your opponents. Not getting into risky encounters or always making sure that, as a team, you've got a way to at least break even on them (in terms of overall game resources including space/zoning) is optimum play. Even if you only have 1 weapon in the game, you want to make plays where the risk is lower than the reward a majority of the time anyway (exceptions being when you can afford to absorb the risk or it has to be taken in order to swing a comeback etc). Power weapons are important not just for encouraging movement, but also for magnifying the significance of certain plays in order to push the game's "story" forward. While you possibly lose in mechanical skill required you make a bigger gain in complexity, depth, and extend the parameters of development for players' game sense & communication. Even more so if it's like H1 where there are valid incentives for dropping your utility weapon, which will drastically change how you have to move around the map and your capabilities as a player for a period of time, thus changing the risk:reward assessments you need to be making at the time. It's all basically a probability numbers game at the end of the day. EDIT: Also, Halo without power weapons would be boring as hell to watch. That's been one of the wider community's gripes about competitive settings since H3 MLG, really. Taking some essentially harmless or downright interesting weapons out in an all consuming desire to improve sandbox efficiency was well intended, but also makes the experience feel a lot more sterile and risks losing out on some great community moments like Walshy clowning on T2 with a pair of Needlers in H2. And the Brute Shot deserved better.
  7. Same. It's a bittersweet feeling. Gained a good thing but lost a good thing when we want both.
  8. I kinda thought the "BR starts" issue was solved with H5 giving you a good Magnum in all gametypes. I get that people complained about H5 AR starts too, but it was a for a totally different reason than they'd dislike H3 AR starts given that you could actually contest players right away. I also know that MCC is a nod to the past, but some things should just stay buried.
  9. 90 would be lovely. Outside of splitscreen I don't know if any Halo has ever even had that, though. A decent FoV, better aiming, more responsive movement, and a tuned up sandbox would make H3 really respectable imo. I think the thing I really notice the lack of most when not playing H5 is its killfeed. Little QoL things like that and hitmarkers (I can't support them on splash damage, but for anything with direct hits I'll defend them until the end of time) have really evolved a lot in the last decade. Well, here's hoping that Infinite gets everything right haha.
  10. Playing H3 now and the registration is really nice. Game feels very let down/dated with regards to movement, though.Nothing new, it just stands out more. EDIT: This field of view. Oh god.
  11. HCE jumps aren't super floaty, though. Watching Bestman play an Onslaught CTF was like watching underwater Halo to me. Movement speed seemed low, perfect kill times too long (even with the impressively improved registration), and jumps way too slow to descend (it's possible some of this feeling may come from the reticle being so low relative to every shooter I've played since 2015). Having most recently watched H5 New Orleans and Reach Columbus 2012 (ZBNS) even the sped up H3 MLG/Hardcore settings looked slow. Also, the two points were separate; H3 2v2s are going to be bad to watch because H3 is just a bad 2v2 game period. Especially in comparison to H1.
  12. H3 hit detection looks really good and I'm willing to give it a go myself, but holy crap the floaty jumps and the reticle not being centred make it so hard to watch. Still really wish the DH 2v2 was going to be H1. I get that H3 has more mass appeal, but as a 2v2 game I don't think it's going to be very enjoyable to watch even if it has maps and settings expertly tailored for it.
  13. Alright, to be fair I did ignore H1 results in favour of just counting from XBL's beginning (as I think that somewhat reliable online play presents a lot more opportunities for player discoverability, which in turn contributes to roster instability) which was a bit unfair. I guess the most telling thing will be whether or not they can carry it over to Halo Infinite and maintain that level of play in another game.
  14. Still catching up on Friday & Saturday's games and after watching their first series against Hitmen the enormity of Tox not placing outside of the top 2 (correct me if I'm forgetting a lower placing) in the entirety of their almost 3-year run as a team together just sort of hit me again. I really can't think of any other team that has ever been that consistent with both placings and roster composition. Pretty incredible when you look at the traditional volatility of the competitive Halo scene. Aside from that little musing I'm really enjoying the matches and production so far. The analyst desk has been great so far, Lottie's a fantastic host and getting players up there to help break down matches is something we should keep doing going forward. Observers are doing a great job as always, so props to Wonderboy, Heinz, and Knighty for their off-screen magic.
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