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  1. I think it's been completely overlooked, but one of the changes they're making as part of changing from set team colours to outlines/highlights is that players can control what colour those outlines are. Aside from the obvious support for colourblind players that this enables it also means no more internally calibrating when you're on red team one game and blue the next etc. You'll always be shooting the colour of your choice and your allies will also always be represented by your preference. It's a little thing and probably won't make much difference to experienced players but I think it's kind of neat little QoL/accessibility feature anyway and might actually be slightly beneficial to newer players.
  2. No clue as of yet. I saw they're on pads of some kind (3:35), but whether the timers start on pickup, on use, or are static is totally unknown so far. Based on Halo 5 I'm sort of expecting static timers for everything on pads but without the waypoints this time around. In theory that'd allow for powerup stacking but I doubt it would happen much in practice.
  3. Yeah that's true. Although I have to assume that this means there's no longer an invincibility period with the OS (I hope), so using it like that would still lead to a lot of it getting burned in a 1v1. So far I neither like nor dislike this feature. I think it's something I won't really have strong opinions about until a meta forms around it.
  4. Some gameplay things I noticed: Commando has a 3.0x scope zoom. (0:15) Friendly outlines can be seen through walls. (0:35) A good example of the new Friend-or-Foe highlights is shown. (2:03) AR has a 1.40x smartlink scope. (3:26) The Repulsor equipment can be used to launch yourself. (3:29) Powerups spawn on weapon pads. Items can be grappled directly off pads. (3:35) Activation time for Camo/OS isn't instant - appears to be approximately a whole second (3:36 - 3:37). If the weapons are powerful enough trying to use OS to turn a fight around without first disengaging shouldn't work against anyone with decent aim. (3:48 - 3:51) A look at grappling onto a player. Doesn't look super fast. (4:57) New Plasma Carbine fires in 5 round bursts. Looks to be projectiles with mild tracking. (7:42) Jump + Clamber height shown. May not be maximum height, but gives a reasonable estimate of vertical capabilities. (10:01) BR is definitely a 4sk. Hard to tell exactly how many bullets thanks to player's aim, but I'm leaning towards the full 12. (10:05 - 10:08) AR cannot get precision kills per the killfeed. (10:10) Avian wildlife spotted wandering the marketplace in the New Mombasa-esque map. (11:00) BR's aim assist/magnetism/hitbox/whatever doesn't look super generous to me, but again hard to really tell with such jittery aim. (11:33) Overall I'm feeling optimistic but can't really form any meaningful opinions about most of it until flighting starts at the earliest. Looks like what I would have expected a direct sequel to Halo 3 to be back in 2007-2009, just with almost 15 years of tech improvements along the way.
  5. I think chatter is fine as long as it can be disabled (which it could in H5 iirc?). It's probably nice for players who don't have a lot of awareness of the different weapon sounds and nametag indicators etc, but is unnecessary audio clutter for more experienced players. Pretty much how I feel about weapon spawn indicators too. Global announcements and waypoints are good for facilitating map flow at lower levels of play. As long as they don't make the waypoints disappear immediately on pickup this time around I just see it as a quality of life thing that makes solo play a lot less frustrating.
  6. Heh, this could be me you're describing. I've played a little ranked on MCC, enough to be somewhere in the teens (<3 Reach Hardcore) but the search times and rank ups are both so slow. I wish the system was less grindy and just put you where you belong quickly like H5 did... But mostly I play Social H3 BTB one day a week with my IRL friend who just doesn't play shooters. He's typically getting less than 5 kills per game whereas I'm frequently dropping 35-50 kills, and the rest of the lobby is usually somewhere in between (I wouldn't even say I'm particularly good, the matchmaking is just strange and feels like the average player it finds should be a bit better?). It's a weird problem to have - I've not really played Halo consistently for a few years now, but I played enough of it back in the day to still have the muscle memory and timers etc mostly memorised, and have mained Destiny 2 since so despite having low ranks and not a lot of current experience my generic FPS skills haven't atrophied at all. On the other hand we matched against Naded last weekend. Matchmaking in this game just feels weird. And on a slightly different topic, I really didn't care all that much for H3 back in the day after experiencing the consistency of ZBNS Reach and H5, but the various improvements it's had on MCC really make it a lot more enjoyable. Most of the sandbox still feels way too weak imo, but at least the BR feels like it works now.
  7. Worse than quitter or AFKs are the griefers imo. I've recently been playing MCC a bit and it's much more common than I remember to have people constantly weakening you, or betraying until they get booted for whatever reason entertains them. I think the most frustrating part is that (at least on Steam) there's no way to directly report or avoid players from the in-game menu/scoreboard that I've found so far.
  8. I think I'm remembering this correctly, but the timer starts approximately 2 seconds after the weapon comes to rest. That's why the drop spawn timers are -2 seconds from what the map maker wants the spawn timer to actually be. So when someone grabs a weapon before it has been able to sit still for a couple of seconds they can keep moving and basically dictate the next respawn themselves. I think in H3 this also works on normally spawned weapons in MM too if you grab them immediately; I'm not 100% confident about this, but I seem to have vague memories somewhere in the back of my brain of a player outright denying any Laser spawns beyond the second on Standoff by taking the newly spawned weapon into the back of the map and never sitting still for the rest of the game.
  9. Reminds me a bit of trying to get Crux of Crota to drop. Then again, RNGesus hates me.
  10. BTB should have been AR/Magnum like the rest of the game right from the start. The fact that it wasn't and never got updated to be so is one of the things that bothered me the most, as someone who would like to enjoy BTB MM, throughout H5's lifespan. It worked so nicely in customs, too.
  11. That Goldenboy cutout is getting a lot of mileage this weekend. I love it!
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