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  1. Reminds me a bit of trying to get Crux of Crota to drop. Then again, RNGesus hates me.
  2. BTB should have been AR/Magnum like the rest of the game right from the start. The fact that it wasn't and never got updated to be so is one of the things that bothered me the most, as someone who would like to enjoy BTB MM, throughout H5's lifespan. It worked so nicely in customs, too.
  3. That Goldenboy cutout is getting a lot of mileage this weekend. I love it!
  4. Yeah, but it feels kind of pointless to go on about it again. Plus I'm currently in London for the HCS event and don't really feel like typing out a ton of suggestions that won't be much more than a detailed "start with CE, improve consistency where possible, and add some of the more interesting/contextually relevant new stuff".
  5. Seems like we really just need a sandbox that's balanced a bit better. I still maintain that H5 made steps in the right direction but didn't quite get there. I'm really hoping that the trajectory continues with Infinite and that lessons about things such as Sniper Rifles and persistent UI elements for static spawning items are learned and acted on.
  6. If you manage to get a power weapon(s) and successfully avoid any risky encounters, and make advantageous use of those weapons without overextending and giving them up then you're just flat out playing better than your opponents. Not getting into risky encounters or always making sure that, as a team, you've got a way to at least break even on them (in terms of overall game resources including space/zoning) is optimum play. Even if you only have 1 weapon in the game, you want to make plays where the risk is lower than the reward a majority of the time anyway (exceptions being when you can afford to absorb the risk or it has to be taken in order to swing a comeback etc). Power weapons are important not just for encouraging movement, but also for magnifying the significance of certain plays in order to push the game's "story" forward. While you possibly lose in mechanical skill required you make a bigger gain in complexity, depth, and extend the parameters of development for players' game sense & communication. Even more so if it's like H1 where there are valid incentives for dropping your utility weapon, which will drastically change how you have to move around the map and your capabilities as a player for a period of time, thus changing the risk:reward assessments you need to be making at the time. It's all basically a probability numbers game at the end of the day. EDIT: Also, Halo without power weapons would be boring as hell to watch. That's been one of the wider community's gripes about competitive settings since H3 MLG, really. Taking some essentially harmless or downright interesting weapons out in an all consuming desire to improve sandbox efficiency was well intended, but also makes the experience feel a lot more sterile and risks losing out on some great community moments like Walshy clowning on T2 with a pair of Needlers in H2. And the Brute Shot deserved better.
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