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  1. Shock damage EMPs vehicles now instead of the Plasma Pistol. The grenades seem to do it right away whereas weapons need some sustained damage to trigger the EMP stun.
  2. The fact that the official list is an average of each judge's rankings means that some of the judges have definitely either misunderstood the criteria or have some very strong personal biases. I'd be fascinated to see each judge's contribution so we can see both who submitted seemingly crazy outliers and also which players were nominated but didn't make the aggregated list due to not receiving enough total points.
  3. I think people interpret it differently, but in this case a high skill floor would be a higher requirement for basic competence. Whereas a lower floor would be much more accessible. Ideally there's a big gap between the floor and ceiling, regardless of how high or low the floor is perceived to be. The floor is basically just a measure of accessibility/effort required to even play the game. Halo 1-3 could be said to have a low floor due to having a more limited set of basic things a player can do at any time, whereas Reach onwards raise the floor by adding additional complexity and more things to be aware of. The skill floor doesn't have a direct effect on the skill ceiling as I understand it.
  4. Bazaar and Recharge are definitely weak Slayer maps. If they come up again in future flights I hope we get to see a control Objective on Recharge and some CTF on Bazaar. I also hope that the weapon layouts on all these maps change a bit. There are an abundance of Plasma Pistols currently, and Rifles tend to be spawning in fairly strong areas that are too easy to control with said rifle with the one exception so far being the House Elbow rifle spawn on Live Fire, but that has the issue of putting both rifles in the same area of the map, so controlling the Nest will typically also mean control of the Elbow rifle. I would like to see rifles not spawning in immediately advantageous areas and for some of the Plasma Pistols to be replaced with more widely useful weapons to make some of the areas they're currently in feel less like dead space on the maps. I'm also not sold on the weapon spawns varying from game to game. It's kind of cool for letting us get more experience with a wider variety of guns, and I wouldn't mind it in Social games but I hope Ranked maintains a consistent set of weapons per map. I'd be okay with them changing to better suit different gametypes on a given map as long as you'd know that each map + gametype combo would have the same layout every time.
  5. Needs an area control objective. Strongholds would probably be great, or KotH. As it is it's too easy to sit up on the corner catwalks with a rifle and just lay down damage across the map. Very easy to break line of sight too with all of the corners and doorways.
  6. I think weapons that have actual scopes and not smartlink get descoped, but smartlink doesn't. No idea why, but that seems to be the pattern.
  7. Incorrect on these. The only weapon without a zoom is the Heatwave, and everything does bonus damage on unshielded headshots but it's not as generous with the extra damage as H5 was.
  8. Grappleshot feels really good. Not going into balance or anything since I've only used it the once, but the feel of pulling yourself across the map is great.
  9. ODST Bots are now live and Recharge has been added to the map pool according to the playlist selector. EDIT: Grappleshot & Ravager are on Recharge. Have fun!
  10. Probably worth pointing out that the Series X will be running the game at 120fps too. Sounds like it'll be a good experience for competitors from my limited perspective.
  11. I can confirm that crossplay is up and running. I'm on PC and just matched with a chatty group on Xbox.
  12. Slide is starting to feel less clunky for me now. Being able to shoot during the slide animation gives it some pretty crazy aggressive properties.
  13. I'm currently expecting BR starts (eventually; I wouldn't be surprised to see a universal AR/Sidekick experience at launch). Of the precision weapons it feels the most well rounded - The scope/maximum range falls between the Command and Sidekick, it doesn't have bloom but its maximum potential is also lower and perfect kills should be uncommon due tot he combination of requiring to hit all 12 bullets and the duration of each burst being fairly long.
  14. In my experience it's very fast to reset but also quite easy to lose control of both the bloom and recoil. It's a strong weapon but punishing if you slip up. I can't speak for using a mouse, but with a controller I don't feel like it's worth trying to fire it full auto unless they're right in your face. 2-3 round bursts feel consistently accurate.
  15. I think this map flows pretty nicely considering it's Slayer. Would be quite nice for Hill or Oddball I think.
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