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  1. As a long time WoW player, I have to disagree. There is going to be a crossover for sure but not because of similarities. There really aren't many similarities between them and honestly, the small similarities they do have WoW flat out does better. People are gonna buy the game because they like what they see. But I do think the game will get a ton of Blizzard fans into it and I think there will be a ton of people playing it, especially after WoW Legion dies down which will be soon in the period between the next expansion.
  2. This. Also digitalfoundry did an article about what it takes to run Destiny 2 at 1080p 60fps on PC and it really doesn't cost a ton(440$).The game is optimized extremely well for PC. I'll link the reddit post which has the video by DF and then a PC parts picker in the comments which shows the price of the components they used in the video. https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/6xhgwm/digital_foundry_destiny_2_pc_what_does_it_take_to/
  3. OS squad will probably be signed by Trifecta. I know the org from Smite and a few of the OS players followed the orgs twitter. Trifecta also said they have an announcement tonight at 5 est.
  4. I agree, honestly instead of the guy trying to start shit he just needed to focus on PC. His game looks a lot more appealing to the PC community than a CoD game does. They were already basing their game off CoD 4 Pro-Mod that alone will get them fans on PC, CoD has never been anything on PC since Cod4. Chalk up console as a loss and focus on PC, don't see a reason to start bashing.
  5. God I wish we had this in Halo, it's such a small thing in the grand scheme but also so damn nice to have.
  6. Am I just not seeing it or are there really no clips of HWC? I know you put the video together pretty quick but the reactions from ALG at HWC were way better than the ones shown. I'd also assume it was the biggest thing for ALG as an org
  7. It's an enjoyable game when you are playing with friends just having a good time, hell we don't even go for wins most of the time due to it honestly being who gets lucky with the gas, gets lucky with loot and who doesn't happen to run into people camping. It's a running simulator a lot of the time lol
  8. Str8 Sick is the only person from Pnda who is a pro. I don't think a year ago or even 6 months ago anyone would have guessed that
  9. You must be from the South, don't understand their fascination with college football
  10. I can see Dan leaving CP and going to Naded's team at some point, I'm surprised he didn't leave with naded seeing as they kept saying they were the duo and Naded saying countless times he was his "little bro".
  11. Exactly and honestly there isn't a big reason to go back to Cod, he has been placing top3 in H5 the last year, there is no guarantee that he will preform that well in Cod once the game goes back to boots on the ground.
  12. Ah didn't know that. Spartan for Str8 Sick would be a upgrade imo would have been a cool team to watch
  13. Agreed, idk for just normal streamers but for tournaments I'm liking mlgtv more
  14. Go into Detroit? I know small airports tend to be more. I'm in Minnesota and can get a round trip for 300$
  15. Nem played better than Str8 Sick(stat wise) at STL, thought he would be the one getting dropped.
  16. Not to say Cratos is an amazing player but when he would go neg on E6 it's because he is bad but when Shooter does it there is a ton of excuses.
  17. Last time Cratos was good? ALG. Last time ALG was good? With Cratos. Coincidence? I think not
  18. @ssbChad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeKSAxRMZo0 Classic lol
  19. Funny that I've heard multiple times Cratos talk about all he cares about is playing with friends and it's not about the money. Then he goes and does this shit to his friends(probably ex now). Yourself first I guess?
  20. What some of the Halo community did in Str8 Sick's chat last night is just as pathetic. Including Optic for stream sniping when he is just playing casually, grow up. Everyone keeps throwing around unprofessional then support pro players acting like kids.
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