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  1. Hey guys, I know hardly anyone actually puts out watches montages these days, but I did anyway. If you've been somewhat active on MCC in the CE Playlists or in CE customs, you've probably come across me at some point. Like most people I have a number of smurf accounts. OmikroN, Omidominus Rex, OmiMaYNe ... The list goes on. Anyway, check out my Halo CE Montage. I also have an H5 Montage from a little while and a General Halo Montage. OmikroN A Halo Montage 3 - Combat Evolved Cheers, OmikroN
  2. Yo, I think I played a couple customs with you the other night. I'm FA atm. GT OmikroN
  3. Available most weeknights for a few hours, and weekends. Located in Washington State. Decent player. Just recently started playing again, am always searching by myself lol. GT is OmikroN

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